Essay about social medias

In this essay we hear about Roger Scruton’s thoughts on social Medias. Most of his opinions on social Medias are negative, and only a few things are positive. He doesn’t think that this is how we should live our lives, and I agree completely. But we also have to look at the positive things. For instance think about how amazing it is to communicate with another person on the other side of the world. We learn new cultures much faster, and can communicate with people in other countries.

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One of my examples is something I have experienced in real life:

About 5 years ago I met a Chinese boy in a hotel in Phuket, Thailand. We became good friends and enjoyed each other’s company for two weeks during our vacation. Just before I had to go home, I got his Email address, and within a week we could talk through MSN (Microsoft Messenger). This is what I think is amazing about social medias, and I think Roger Scruton has left out some of these advantages in his article.

We just have to take small cautious steps, so we can discover new things, and new ways to communicate without ruining the normal social way to communicate face to face.

It is important to remember that through a computer- screen you cannot see each other’s feelings and always understand the other persons reactions. When communicating through a computer, it is very important that you trust the person whom you are communicating with, and it is difficult to count on/ and believe in someone who is sitting on the other side of the grid, instead of sitting face to face with the person.

And then again….
Big companies would never be able to expand as fast as they do today without the Internet. Big business deals can be signed from the vest to china and back, and we have the amazing industrial development, which we never would be able to have without grid and the on-line communication.

Sometimes people just have to take a step back and but their phones and computers in the drawer and go out and meet people. Last week we were with the new beginner classes from Knord on an introduction tour. We stayed in a house south of Køge with no internet or connection to the online net. It was amazing to see how desperate people were. Even I was running around each day to get net, and our teachers complained. Adult with 30- 40 years of experience wanted Internet so desperately. If people get that desperate and addicted to the internet it has certainly taken over our world.

Sometimes things can be too virtual, and here we have to be careful. Virtual sex, virtual dates and virtual shopping is dangerous, because when we keep on being in the virtual world, one day we will not be able to see the difference between this and the real world.

As Roger says in the article that real life involves taking risks, it helps in times needed, being joyful in times of celebrating together. This is what makes us special. Communication through body language, sounds and language is what makes the difference to the virtual world.

We will never be able to have the same feelings and emotions through a screen, and because of that we have to make a distance to the grid.

We should use it as a tool and not as a second chance in the world, were we can hide in our rooms and still communicate with everybody.

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