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    According to an extensive study of U.S. adults

    Phobia A phobia is an extreme, persistent fear that interferes with normal living. It is not necessarily an irrational fear. Many people have phobias of snakes, spiders, lightning, heights, and other items that really are dangerous. What is irrational is the excessive degree of the fear, leading to panic in the presence of the feared […] More

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    Division of Labor According to Manuel Ayau

    According to Ayau, trade and cooperation is beneficial to all parties despite differences among them in terms of capacity and talent. He states that everyone is made wealthier through cooperation, and how it is that the market economy leads to the benefit of everyone. In our world today, people base their decisions on the comparison […] More

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    Educational Philosophy According Dr.Jose Rizal

    Vercaza, Kiervy G. #096 Brgy.Kaingin Bongabon Nueva,Ecija 09488524035 [email protected] Career Objective: To be employed as one of your faculty member Education: 2011-2015Eduardo L. Joson Memorial College Brgy, Singalat Palayan City Nueva Ecija Bachelor of Elementary Education 2007-2003Bongabon National High School Brgy. Sinipit Bongabon Nueva Ecija 2003-1997Sto.Domingo Central School Brgy. Sto.Domingo Nueva Ecija Employment/Work Experience: November […] More