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    Alfred Adler and Karen Horney Theories

    I agree with Alfred Adler when he states that a sense of inferiority drives folks to succeed. I can relate to this theory as a end result of I am very affected by others’ actions around me. If anyone that I idolize is prospering in a sure space, I may feel inferior and attempt to […] More

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    Adler Case Study

    1. What is Mark’s attitude, based on Jungian theory? Provide evidence for your answer. Mark is “outgoing and joyful. He loves life and lives it to its fullest. He isn’t an introspective particular person.” According to the Jungian principle, Mark is an extrovert. He is outlined as such by his excited behavior while being energetic, […] More

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    ASIC v Adler

    The case of ASIC v Adler is very unique as well as complicated since it involved several breach of duties in the Corporations Act 2001. The HIH collapse was caused by very bad corporate governance. Such breach of duties are, section 9 (director’s duties), section 180 (duty to act with care and diligence), section 181 […] More