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    Computerized Admission Examination System

    Entrance Examination – An examination success in which qualifies a person to join a school, university, organization. Examination that many educational institutions use to select students for admission. These exams may be administered at any level of education, from primary to higher education, although they are more common at higher levels. School – An institution […] More

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    Admission Essay to CRNA program

    My desire to pursue a career in health care is greatly influenced by its unlimited opportunities for career development and the desire to impact another person’s life positively. As a kid, I always had a burning desire to become a nurse or a medical doctor but my parents’ influence and their perception of the engineering […] More

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    Web-based College Admission Test

    INTRODUCTION Background of the Study In the academe, the mission of every college or university is to equip the students with the proper knowledge to be globally competitive. Part of this mission is to ensure that in order for the student to have it is to test the readiness of the student and guide the […] More