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    Allen Ginsberg: One Of The Most Influential Poet

    Allen Ginsberg is taken into account to be one of the influential poet of all time. He is regarded one of the most influential personalities of the beat generation during the 1950’s and 1960’s. His works turned recognized for assaulting the prevalent conformity and materialism in the United States during his time. One of his […] More

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    A Biography of the Writer Edgar Allen Poe

    Edgar Allan Poe was a bizarre and infrequently scary author. People throughout history have typically questioned why his writings had been so fantastically completely different and strange. They were not the result of a diseased thoughts, as some suppose. Rather they got here from a tense and miserable life. Edgar Allan Poe was not a […] More

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    Gender Roles Edgar Allen Poe

    In the 1800s there was a widely accepted ideology of what characteristics made up a woman and a man. The man was supposed to be reasonable, rational, and unaffected by his emotions. Women, on the other hand, were the exact opposite: irrational and completely taken over by emotion. Poe did not necessarily reverse these roles […] More