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    Cvs Annual Report

    Executive Summary/Company History/Products and Services CVS/Pharmacy has shown a consistent growth for the last three years. Three years ago CVS/Pharmacy has merged with Longs Pharmacy and Caremark to form the largest retail pharmacy chain in the United States. CVS/Pharmacy- CVS/Pharmacy began operations in 1963, and added the pharmacy department in 1967. In 2007, CVS merged […] More

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    Starbucks updates on annual meeting of shareholders

    Comparing capital expenditure Introduction             Certain companies are considered as the front runners in their respective industries judging from their spending and the annual profits they get in their operations. For example, in the search engines industry, Google is well thought –out to be the trailblazer having billions of users. […] More

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    Ethics in Negotiation. Annual review of psychology

    Ethics in Negotiation Introduction        Some believe that success at any negotiation table is determined by the skillful use of deception. The critical difference between those who succeed in negotiating and those who are not successful lies on the ability to mislead and not to be deceived. However, negotiators have an ethical duty […] More