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    Apply Legal and Ethical Parameters to Nursing Practice

    1. Australian Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (The National Law 2009) has great importance on the governance of the conduct of registered and enrolled nurses. The National Law allows national boards to manage the development of health profession standards. The National Law has requirement for national boards to enterprise wide range consultation on registration standards, […] More

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    How to apply

    Please read these notes carefully before completing your application form. This is important as it provides the only information we use to assess your suitability for the job and our decision whether or not to progress your application. As part of our Equality and Diversity policy we like to ensure that information about candidates is […] More

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    The Reasons Why I Apply Scholarship

    My name is Ker Ze Heng. When I was 14. The inspiration from my idol, Tan Ze Song who was my senior spurred me towards my zealous attitudes and behaviours in my pursuit and studies. His intelligence and diligence enabled him to score excellent results in the examinations and he always received accolades from teachers […] More