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    The analysis of aspirin

    ANALYSIS OF ASPIRIN TABLETS The aim of this investigation is to determine the percentage by mass of aspirin aspirin present in different commercial preparations and to find out, which the best value is, using a neutralization reaction followed by a direct titration with NaOH. Chemicals Used: 100 ml of distilled water in a wash bottle […] More

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    Determination of Asa Content of Aspirin

    Aim: To determine the Molar Concentration of NaOH and HCl acid used in their Standardization processes and to determine the acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) content in Aspirin. Materials/Apparatus: materials used are the same as that outlined in the laboratory procedure prepared by the laboratory instructor. Procedure: The procedure used is the same as that outlined in […] More

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    Synthesis of Aspirin

    In this experiment, the Oil of Wintergreen is put into an Erlenmeyer flask containing sodium hydroxide to create sodium salicylate. The solution is then refluxed which means that the solution will be boiled in a base, then condensed in a condenser. This replaces the carbon on the ester at carbon 1, with an oxygen atom […] More