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    Internal QMS auditor training assessment booklet

    Case Study 1: Pre-Audit Preparation Instructions: 1. Each participant should individually study the background of the company including the background of organisation, organisation chart and process flow chart provided: • Managing Customer Service: Front Office VVG-FO-B-7.5.1 (D) • Managing Customer Service: Food and Beverage VVG-FB-B-7.5.1 (D) • Managing Property: Engineering VVG-EN-B-7.5.1 (D) • Delivery Service: […] More

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    An Assesment of the Role of the Auditor in Fighting Corruption in an Organization

    CHAPTER TWO LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Introduction Reliable accounting and financial reporting issued by auditors help organisations in allocating resources from the society in an efficient manner. Although the primary goal of an organisation is profit making and to allocate limited capital resources to the production of goods and services for which society’s demand is great, […] More