On The Last Days of My Life

On The Last Days of My Life The Fantasy of My Life On the last days of my life, I want to thank God for everything, for taking care of my family and for my own safety as well. I know every second of our lives are so significant, so I want to make memories […]

Support individuals during the last days of life

The psychological aspects are different for each person it depends how they react to the thought of a person dying, some people may feel that it’s their own fault or that they have done something wrong taking the blame for it or someone may feel as if their being useless and feel like there’s things […]

George Tenet and and the Last Great Days of the Cia

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an independent United States Government agency who are responsible for providing national security intelligence to senior United States policymakers (CIA,2007). Since the 1960’s and World War II, foreign intelligence has been important to the United States since the days of President George Washington, that such efforts have been coordinated […]