An Autobiography Essay Catalina Garcia

My name is Catalina Garcia; I’m 21 years old. I was born in the course of July in a suburb of Barcelona. My birthday was no different from different summer days in Spain and was additionally anomalously sizzling and humid.

It is important to tell about my happy childhood, however it was not so happy, or it was, however I do not bear in mind it. Like all children, I went to kindergarten whereas my dad and mom worked. There I learned to read, write and count after which the trainer advised my mother and father that I sing nicely.

My mother and father have been the most odd people, and each worked in a bank. While I was little, I thought that our household was joyful, but in reality, it was not so. This was my first lesson in household life, the results of which make themselves felt to today.

I was 5 when my mother and father divorced, and I can do not neglect that I was glad about it. Almost instantly, my mom was offered a job on the financial institution branch, which is located within the US and we moved to Los Angeles.

This event determined my life and all future occasions I remember fairly clearly. Today I am grateful to my mom for her braveness and determination. She is my prime instance of purposefulness. I respect and thank her for being not afraid to give up the previous and start a model new life. Now, being an grownup, I begin to grasp how she was afraid to start living in one other country with a small youngster.

I have not received news from my father ever since. My mother and I were in an alien nation across the ocean from our homeland, but at that second we have been happy and free like by no means earlier than. We rented a small house, and shortly I went to major school. Then the second life lesson was learned by me. In my five years, I realized that I don’t understand even one a word of what the kids and academics say to me, and they do not understand me. My native language is Spanish; I even have not faced English from start. And at that moment I had to learn this language from scratch. Mom took me to a particular group studying English for children of foreigners. Fortunately, I truly have abilities for languages, and after a few months of immersion within the language surroundings, I began speaking almost freely. The solely factor that confirmed that I’m a foreigner was a slight accent.  Fortunately, I did not face the problem of adaptation in one other country. I favored our new life, everything I did and every little thing that surrounded me. Perhaps this was also the rationale that I learned the language simply and shortly.

My education continued. My favourite subjects have been literature and biology. In addition, I sang in the faculty choir. At the age of 14, I obtained a proposal to protect the honor of the college at a music contest, and I gained it. At that point it was my biggest victory and delight. I knew that I sing properly, and I really needed to win, however I had very strong and first rate opponents. That day I concluded that every thing is feasible if there are a powerful need and onerous work. I am nonetheless guided by this principle today in all my endeavors.

When it was time to go to college, I had not the slightest doubt about what I needed to study. Even then, I knew for certain that my purpose was to become a doctor and assist individuals. In my household there were no doctors, this need got here to me independently. This occurred once I witnessed a automotive accident. Fortunately, that day no one was damage, and the motive force obtained off only by the broken automotive and the store window, into which he had driven through the fault of the opposite driver. Then I asked myself a query – what would happen if an harmless individual was significantly injured? What if he remained disabled and even died right on the scene of the accident? What would have happened if another person had suffered on this situation? I realized that if I may help, I ought to do it. I determined to become a therapist.

I took the entrance exams without delay to several schools and in all places I got a constructive ball. I chose the greatest option and began my schooling. It was very hard work to study to turn out to be a physician. Frankly, the thought of quitting all visited me several instances during the particularly important moments of my education, but I could not afford to surrender. I remembered my goal.

Nothing has changed at the moment. Now I am making ready for the entrance exams to the college to complete my studies and in the future to get a doctor’s position and assist folks.


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A Message to Garcia by Elbert Hubbard

Through hostile territory Rowan traveled by foot, inside three weeks he delivered the letter to Garcia. In this story it was clear that he couldn’t specific the things Rowan did to ship this message, it was one thing incredible and never something to boast about freely. The level the tried to make was that Rowan was given a task by which he asked no questions, he just did as he was informed. The writer gave his opinion of what this meant to him.

He stated males don’t need to be book sensible nor have a lot of information on this topic however quite some courage, loyalty and trust. These things with some concentration are what it means to “carry a message”.

I imagine he’s saying it takes a person with no fear or hesitation to get the job done. At this point in the story General Garcia is now lifeless. The writer states this isn’t the place it stops, there are heaps of other Garcias.

. Meaning story’s like this one. He says no man will succeed by being silly or only working half hearted, he believes you’ll get out of the state of affairs what you place in to it and should you don’t have coronary heart for what your trying to perform.. your not going to be successful. Elbert Hubbard the author of this story puts another instance in to perspective for the audience to consider.

He talks about six clerks, he places one to the test. He has asks the clerk to look in the encyclopedia and make a brief memorandum explaining life of Corregio.

He goes on to clarify, the clerk most likely won’t know what he is speaking about and the clerk will end up asking all types of questions trying to get more info on this subject. When the clerk runs out of questions he’ll resort to another clerk and task him to help complete this mission, however all ultimately the clerk will come back to him stating there is no such man named Corregio.

The level the trys to make is that by asking the clerk to do that for him quite than do it himself is stupid. He says “if men won’t act for themselves, what’s going to they do when the benefit of their effort is for all? ” Hes mainly saying that a lazy man who has no independence and takes no responsibility in a state of affairs is a selfish individual. In this story Elbert Hubbard makes the point that a person doesn’t need to know tips on how to spell or puncuate, or he could not have a great reminiscence or grammar. A man may be great at one thing and horrible at another.

It doesn’t matter these small issues, what issues is if a man has the courage, accountability, loyalty, pride and determination. A unique mindset of somebody who could probably be given any random task and any given time and ask no questions. Without hesitation, completing the duty with a full heart and a centered mindset… that is what it means to “carry a message to Garcia” I like this story so much as a outcome of it relates to plenty of actual life situations now. This story states a strong and bold message about morals and having self satisfaction in what you do every day.

A Message to Garcia

Written by, Elbert Hubbard, is a story written about trying to find the ideal messenger, or employee. And in many cases is hard to find even when it comes to a simple task, in this case, delivering a message. Hubbard goes on to explain that some individuals, when tasked with such a job will make it rather difficult. They will either ask questions, “who is Garcia? Where is he? Why can’t you do it? Have someone else do it.” Hubbard points out the most common flaws or unwanted qualities of employers when all he, or any employer are looking for is someone who is hard working and can be trusted with an important task regardless of what it is. And that is the type of worker that no employer can afford to lose.

No matter when you are, regardless or your occupation, type of company or size, there will always be the workers that are replaceable, irreplaceable, or those who no one will hire. Hubbard explains the vast majority or employees that are in the work force. Lazy, irresponsible, untrustworthy, or are just plain worthless. However, the search for that one who will work hard even when no one is looking is rare to find, and that when he is found, he cannot be let go.

After reading this book, it makes one realize, and actually look at whom they work with now, or in the past and see whom or how many actually fall into the category or workers Hubbard described. I for one was able to actually put faces with some of the examples given. More important than that, was looking at where I fit in, or which one describes me the best. Hardworking and the one that is rare and every employer is looking for, sure we would all like to think that but the reality of it, may not be as close as we would like to think. When tasked with delivering a message to Garcia, I would think it be natural for one to ask, “where is he”, such information is key. Rather than blindly searching for a man named Garcia with out so much of a direction. Does a question make one any less of their overall work ethic? I would think not, but when it comes to questioning the motives and what is in the letter is completely different. Irreverent questions to the task at hand are unnecessary and would be seen as lazy or nosy.

Overall it was an interesting book that makes you think other wise of not only yourself, but also those you work with all well. I would recommend any employer to have their employees read this book for they start working. That way it gives them something to think about, think about themselves and which type of employee they truly want to be. Also gives them an idea of what that employer is looking for in their workers, that way there is no question about what is expected. “He is wanted in every city, town and village- in every office, shop and factory. The world cries out for such: he is needed, & needed badly- the man who can carry a message to Garcia.”