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    Airports are essential transport infrastructure at an

    Airports are necessary transport infrastructure at a world degree. The governance of airports has changed quickly within the last three decades with an increase in institutionalization, commercialization, and privatization of governance buildings. The institutional frameworks established to handle this evolution have repeatedly impacted on airport planning processes and stakeholder engagement methods directly or not directly. […] More

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    Types of Infrastructure

    Types of Infrastructure Infrastructure is divided into two major classifications, “hard” and “soft”. “Hard” is obviously the roads, bridges, etc. It also relates to the big physical networks essential for the functioning of a modern industrial nation Hard infrastructures refers to physical facilities or installations needed to operate, manage and monitor a system with the […] More

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    Managerial issues in managing an organization’s IS infrastructure

    Managerial issues in managing an organization’s IS infrastructure Introduction             An information system refers to an integrated collection of components that assist in collecting, storage, and processing of data into meaningful information that is distributed to organizations in the right format for the purpose of making decisions. Organizations make use of information systems for the […] More