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    The Institute of Medicine Report

    The impact of the Institute of Medicine report on nursing education suggests the nursing profession should have a more advanced education system providing limitless opportunities for growth. The future of nursing providing care to the entire realm of health care, especially primary care and community settings, will be determined by the evolution of a new […] More

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    Management Institute

    In consulting Linton, there are two main components that would have to be closely analyzed: Deborah Linton’s leadership style and Lisa Benton’s ability to positively impact her new business environment. Lisa Benton is well educated and experienced in her field; yet, she allows dysfunction to distract her of her ability to contribute. Benton surrendered the […] More

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    The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Case Study

    1. How did DFCI come about? The Dana-Faber, as it is commonly known, was originally established as the Children’s Cancer Research Foundation in 1947 by Dr. Sidney Farber, then a pathologist at Boston’s Children’s Hospital. In the 1940’s the only treatment for cancer were surgical removal of tumors and radiation therapy. Cancers that had metastasized […] More

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    National Institute of Business Management

    1. Describe the basic assumptions of Economics. 2. Discuss the vital functions of an economy. 3. Write an essay on the features of capitalist economy. 4. Explain the various assumptions on which all demand schedules are prepared. 5. Write an essay on Localization of Industries. 6. Describe the kinds of price elasticity of demand. 25 […] More