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    Analysis of Internationalisation Strategy Tesco and Lidl Brands

    Globalisation has, in the earlier couple of decades, been one of many dominant developments in retailing. Retailers around the globe are striving for larger international market shares. The meals retailing business which has an oligopolistic market, particularly, has sturdy competition though, with a number of giant firms dominating the market. Among them Tesco and Lidl […] More

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    The Internationalisation of Kalywani Group

    The Kalyani Group is a large family-business group of India, employing more than 10000 employees. It has diverse businesses in engineering, steel, forgings, auto components, non-conventional energy and specialty chemicals. The annual turnover of the Group is over US$2.1 billion. The Group is known for its impressive internationalisation achievements. It has nine manufacturing locations spread […] More