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    Analysis of Jamaica Kincaid”s “Girl”

    The brief story ‘Girl’ as written by Jamaica Kincaid, is an thrilling and fascinating piece that depicts a quantity of elements from literature and a reflection of assorted features of society. Most of the story is told within the second particular person containing a dialog between a mother and daughter; the dialog is about how […] More

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    Poverty is generally accepted as an undesirable condition. However, defining poverty is extremely difficult and several definitions exist. According to Dennis brown (1995), He defined poverty as a state in which an ‘‘individual or group possesses less than some standard which has been defined as acceptable”. In the world we live it is generally accepted […] More

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    Jamaica Kincaid “Girl”

    The story of Jamaica Kincaid “Girl” is about a mother giving the instructions to her daughter. The mother uses strict, demanding tone while parenting her daughter. She gives the orders, and expects listening and obedience, regardless what the girl says. Through mother’s words to her daughter, through the directions she wants her to follow, the […] More