My Journey

I want to take this time to share my story about my transition back in the civilian world. In 1990, I was honorable discharge from United States Army this was during peace time in which I had to leave the military due to family hardship. At this time I received changes of duty station to […]

The journey

The journey undertaken by the ‘traveller’ opens a wide range of experiences. These experiences lead to growth and development in the traveller. These journeys taken by the traveller relate to the travel undertaken from one place to another. This journey can be physical, but it can also be an inner journey as well. An inner […]

Rizal Journey

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Study of Rizal’s Life, Works and Writings Rizal Law and the Teaching of Rizal Course| Republic Act of 1425Or Rizal Law| * Mandates the teaching of the life, works and writings of Rizal in all schools in the country.| Jose P. Laurel | * Sponsored the law because Rizal was […]

The Journey of Man

Haley Reames Book Review “The Journey of Man” Have you ever wondered where mankind first began or what life was like for the first man? In this book review over The Journey of Man by Spencer Wells I can answer those questions. The author of this book sets out on an amazing journey to revolutionize […]

Journey On The North Coast

Language Techniques: Colloquial phrases which specify a location and suggests a sense of time. He starts in the middle of a sentence Adverbs_ sequential ordering the different stages of the journey (now the man is gone) Prepositions (eg I was on board) authenticates the experience. Shows you exactly what he is doing. Active verbs – […]

Journey to Become a Nurse

I like to help and nurture people back to health, so why not join a career which includes that? Nursing goes along well with what I’m best at, it could be the perfect career for me. Where I can enjoy helping people and taking care of them to make them feel better. If they are […]

Monkey: Journey to the west

Monkey: Journey to the West is a story of an adventure for enlightenment to India in order to find ancient Buddhist scriptures. The story consists of Chinese legends, tales, and superstitions. Daoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism play a huge role throughout this story. Monkey: Journey to the West is a story that discusses religion, and moral […]

Harley-Davidson’s Just-in-Time (JIT) Journey

Case Summary This case is about the Just-in-Time (JIT) implementation at Harley-Davidson Motor Company. After World War II, they faced with competition from Japanese companies, which were able to produce better quality motorcycles at comparatively lower cost. Harley-Davidson found that there were three most important practices of Japanese companies, which differentiated their production process from […]

The Motorcycle Diaries: Notes on a Latin American Journey

The Motorcycle Diaries is a story depicting events in the life of two young men who decide to go on a trip on a motorcycle across South America to see in reality, the continent that they live in and had only read about in the books. It shows an inspiring journey which involves self-discovery as […]