Automated Classroom Monitoring System

Every tutorial institution aims outstanding scholastic performance of each and every pupil enrolled. Not solely the schools but additionally the dad and mom of those college students hope to see their little kids to excel in school with flying colours. In order to achieve so, college students should attend their lessons frequently in order that they are going to be given the utmost commonplace studying experience. Class takes it to a different degree, an automatic, secured and environment friendly attendance checking system. There are sure reasons why colleges are inspired to use this sort of know-how.

Teachers these days are having issues in taking day by day attendance of the scholars, generally they neglect to take it or they will just merely give the class a blank paper to allow them to write their names and sign so it’s going to serve their attendance and then afterward who is aware of if that paper might be misplaced. This system will replace the out of date swipe card system with finger authentication expertise that is extra reliable and correct.

With this expertise, attendance will be recorded quicker to the database with just a contact of the thumb.

____________________ is an automated system positioned on every classroom, geared up with biometric know-how and automated SMS software, interfaced with a computer server the place the database is then saved.

Statement of the Problem

School instructors have obligations inside the classroom in direction of the scholars. It is their obligation to ensure all the students enrolled in that subject must benefit the lesson that the class is taking over in the intervening time. But sometimes teachers forgot to take class attendance or misplaced them.

That’s why mother and father can not be assured that the students are inside the varsity premises because the academics wouldn’t have the info that will help the state of affairs. The main goal of conducting this design is to enhance the automated attendance monitoring system in academic institutions and to assist the parents of the scholars to be able to monitor their baby whether he/she attended faculty or has been chopping lessons.

Hypothesis of the Study

1. Ensures that the daily attendance of the category will be taken and a delicate copy shall be saved on a database and print a tough copy for the instructor’s documentation. 2. To limit the students from loitering in hallways throughout class hours. three. Minimize the tardiness of scholars in attending courses. four. Avoid altering school documents that are accessible only by the instructor in authority. 5. Provides mother and father the possibility to watch the attendance of scholars. 6. Enables the instructor to tell students if he/she is not going to have the power to come at school on time or will be absent. 7. To replace the obsolete and inefficient swipe card expertise with the finger print authentication biometric expertise. 8. Saves class time for discussion as an alternative of the normal roll-call of the names of each scholar.

Theoretical framework of the study

This analysis is stimulated for the event of the school’s attendance monitoring system, provided with the biometrics expertise and automatic system. This will assist the school authorities to have a everlasting and extra secured database administration in attendance monitoring. A study from Teleron 2000 “Data Acquisition on Class Hour Attendance of the Faculty in Southwestern University” options the same idea as ____________, however his research is focusing solely on college employees. Teleron used Barcodes on the staff’s ID that accommodates the information and the Bar code reader on the other hand reads the bar codes as the workers swipes the IDs. He recommends the utilization of biometric expertise and further enhancement of his examine, which convinced the researchers to push by way of to work with _______________________.

Biometric units nowadays are preferable than other authentication technologies such as barcodes and magnetic stripe scanners. This type of expertise is tough to alter or tampered as a outcome of it wants a singular sample for authentication. Amazingly, human finger possesses unique ridges and valleys that differ from one human being from another, even similar twins.

The first advantage of using this new technology is the uniqueness and it is also the main characteristic which permits biometrics expertise to turn into increasingly more essential in our lives. With uniqueness of biometrics technology, each individual’s identification shall be single handiest identification for that person. A chance of two customers having the identical identification within the biometrics security know-how system is kind of zero (Tistarelli, 2009).

Significance of the Study

People who will be benefited by this project design favor these in:


This innovated expertise will be ready to assist the teachers to mark and update pupil class attendance quickly. He/She can simply print hard copies of the attendance in case of necessity. It will lessen wasted time on roll-calls and trainer can instantly proceed into his/her lecture.


Our design might be mostly be benefited by the students.


The dad and mom will simply observe their sons and daughters’ attendance by merely sending the best keyword to the ____________ by way of Short Message Service (SMS). They will know directly when the scholars are really attending the category or chopping lessons when the system will reply after they sent the SMS. They also can ask for a tough copy of the attendance, for example: they want the report for the whole month of January; the trainer will search for on the records of that specific scholar and then print it right away.

Scope and Delimitation

This design project aims to help the school and the entire scholar body of this establishment to promote safe monitoring of the students’ attendance throughout class hours, and that folks may also be given the chance to know the student’s standing first hand with just an SMS away.

Researchers designed the biometric gadget to be positioned on every classroom solely. Since the gadget is powered by electricity, a sudden lack of energy will interrupt the whole system if there’s an on-going entry, the place it’s going to take a couple of minutes for the generator to supply electricity quickly for the system to renew.

SMS function of the system is restricted only to the parent’s mobile number given to the administration encoded on the database. Other cellular numbers unknown to the database or not recorded can not be entertained by the system. Incase dad and mom want to add or change cellphone numbers for the system; they need to submit a model new form to the administration for approval and re-entry of information.

Definition of Terms

Listed below are the terminologies and the conceptual that means used in the study.


It is the measurement and analysis of distinctive physical or behavioral traits (as fingerprint or voice patterns) especially as a method of verifying personal identity. (


Fingerprint scanning basically provides an identification of a person based on the acquisition and recognition of these unique patterns and ridges in a fingerprint. The actual fingerprint identification process will change barely between merchandise and techniques. The foundation of identification, however, is nearly the identical. Standard systems are comprised of a sensor for scanning a fingerprint and a processor which shops the fingerprint database and software which compares and matches the fingerprint to the predefined database. Within the database, a fingerprint is normally matched to a reference number, or PIN quantity which is then matched to a person’s name or account.


Attendance monitoring and working hour calculation is very

Attendance monitoring and working hour calculation may be very important for nearly every establishment or enterprise group. Manual system involves using sheets of paper in taking attendance the place workers fill out and managers oversee for accuracy. This method might be erroneous as a outcome of sheets might be misplaced or broken. Also the extraction of relevant knowledge and the guide computation of working time is very time consuming. It takes an extra employee to check for the attendance and timing for other employee which includes value overhead for the group as nicely.

[1] Automated time and attendance monitoring system present many benefits to group, this reduces the necessity of pen and paper based manual attendance. Using an automatic system for time and attendance monitoring reduces the errors of handbook system and conserve optimum amount of time. A time and attendance system supplies many advantages to organizations. It permits an employer to have full control of all workers working hours.

The expanding intricacy of administrative operation in Fabrica High School, Bula Camarines Sur is the impact of the growing inhabitants of scholars, college and administration and the physical extension of the institution.

The enlargement complexity means extra labor and workloads and more entangled info getting ready framework. To meet the creating wants of instruction, the organization, therefore figured new developments, strategies, techniques and modernized gear to help the complexity of activities. However, the convenience of use and acknowledgement of biometric safety administration might be influenced by the setting of utilization with two essential relevant parts: the obvious advantage to the shopper and the obvious safety dangers.

Despite the fact that the overall states of thoughts toward biometrics for verification have been beforehand investigated, examine on the demeanors towards biometric gadget particularly settings are simply beginning; on this method, this examination was directed.

Fabrica High School, Bula, Camarines Sur encounters a problem in summarizing the attendance of the academics using their paper based mostly day by day time record. Due to the problem that the school is suffering, the school principal requested to innovate their Daily Time Record to be more environment friendly and easier to make use of in summarizing the attendance of the staff which incorporates overtime, under time and absences that affects the submission of the month-to-month payroll worksheet or Form-7.

Attendance Monitoring System in St. Anthony’s College


An Attendance Monitoring and Notification System is a software program answer for monitoring the attendance of the scholars.

Academics in the United States are to introduce a monitoring system to verify when college students attend or miss class. Sensors will detect student’s identification card, after they enter the lecture theatres. Warton courses for example, makes use of software that automatically decided if the student didn’t attend their classes and this will be mirrored in their grades and seen by their dad and mom.

In most college within the Philippines using paper primarily based system is the frequent method of monitoring the attendance. Whereas, the teacher will need to utter their names in the class and the scholars will have to verify their names if he/she is current for that day. Attendance Monitoring and Notification System will cut back this paper based system and saves time of attendance name in the course of the class. This system is a need for Universities.


This capstone project entitled “Attendance Monitoring and Notification System” in regards to the stakeholders will improve the communication of the parents and the varsity leaders on monitoring the attendance of the students. This system will benefit a person or a gaggle which has a direct interest and involvement with this software. The begin of this system was final July 2012 and it’ll finish on October 2012, maybe second week or final week of the mentioned month. This system will be performed on our own college establishment (St. Anthony’s College San Jose, Antique), when this method was agreed fastened, that’s the time of implementing it.

The researchers propose for this technique to improve the customary method of attendance monitoring through computerization and to advise dad and mom with their youngsters via text notification.

Purpose and Description

This project entitled “Attendance Monitoring and Notification System” is designed for the mother and father to bear in mind if his/her children are inside the school premises or not, and for the students to make certain of their unfair conduct of not being present with their lessons.

This project goals to implement an computerized attendance monitoring system using barcode reader and parent’s notification through SMS for St. Anthony’s College at San Jose, Antique to save time of checking the attendance of students and to improve the interaction between mother and father and college leaders.

The School Leaders provide the design and constructing of the system in order to process the machine needed for the automated attendance monitoring and notification system. The Parents will be involved by managing their youngsters and assures that they are secured because of Notifications they had been about to obtain which can help them management the behaviour of their children. The Students is a vital participant by merely coding his/her identification quantity in the machine for the attendance checking and automatically sends notification to their mother and father.


This capstone project entitled “Attendance Monitoring and Notification System of St. Anthony’s College” aims to develop and implement an automated monitoring of attendance and make the most of notifications to assist the scholars, college leaders and oldsters in securing, and managing the student’s attendance. Specifically, this capstone project goals to:

  1. Design and develop a system that provides contribution for the improvement and progression of the college.
  2. Saving the time of attendance name through the class.
  3. Reducing paper primarily based system.
  4. Assures dad and mom safety of their children’s security in St. Anthony’s College.
  5. Develop the researcher’s ability and expertise with regards in creating a program using Web Design. This can also be a means of sharing the data and abilities that gained in studying at Saint Anthony’s College.

 Scope and Limitations

This capstone project entitled “Attendance Monitoring and Notification System” is targeted on the design, development and implementation of an automated monitoring of student’s attendance and sending notifications to their dad and mom by way of SMS that might be applied for all of the stakeholders that has a direct curiosity with the system. Only the releasing of grades, student’s emergencies and reply to receives school’s notification are not a half of this project.

Attendance Monitoring Using Biometric Data with Payroll System

In up to date world there are many systems which may be implemented to some industries to have the ability to enhance the handbook transaction of the University. As brand-new generation comes, a brand-new innovation has been established to provide the customers a fast and dependable transaction. This study tells the utilization of laptop system that may decrease the effort and time for upgrading and different methods of processing in precise methods. Our proposed system is for the Faculty Members of Cavite State University– Silang School which we got curiosity on how the Professors Members make a procedure that’s the reason we make a system that we hope it would assist lots for the Professors Members.

We are going to develop this method to enhance our abilities and make it helpful for others significantly with our target buyer. Biometrics has lengthy being promoted as a strong software for resolving recognition and authentication considerations for migration and custom-mades, bodily security, and computer safety. It includes measuring a number of distinctive physiological human attributes the form of a physique, finger prints, construction of the face, DNA, hand/palm geometry, iris patterns, and even odor/scent.

Behavioral qualities can be used typing rhythm, gait, and voice.

These technologies have huge promise because they can by no means be forgotten, misplaced or copied, unlike the present methods of playing cards and passwords. Biometrics has shortly established itself as essentially the most relevant expertise for figuring out people in a quick and reliable means through using distinctive organic characteristics. Today many applications are drawing on biometrics and applications for the general public at the moment are seeing speedy improvement.

These functions are predominantly introduced by national authorities, as the capture and management of a population’s fingerprints call for tightly regulated authorized and technical framework. The Faculty Attendance utilizing Biometrics with Payroll System will provide a convenient transaction. The system has the options similar to user-friendly the place the data can saved in correct database. Computerized accounting is designed integrated to the entire business operations, similar to payroll. With computerized accounting, the method might be accurate. Computerized accounting offers the cooperative enough time strategic plan, improve the client base, and enhance members’ satisfaction. With computerized accounting the cooperative will have greater visibility into day-to-day operations and access to very important data.

Statement of the Problem

The Faculty Members of Cavite State University – Silang Campus is using a traditional means for their attendance. Specifically the examine sought to answer the next questions:

  1. What are the attainable impacts of utilizing biometrics for his or her attendance?
  2. What are benefits of utilizing this Biometrics and Payroll System?
  3. How this technique helps the Faculty Members relating to maintaining their attendance’s report and the records of their salary?

Significance of the Study

The system is intended to handle the Faculty Members to have a well-organized, manageable and a convenient transaction of the professors with the employees of this University. The system must be environment friendly to use and effective technique to make the present or existing transaction of the Faculty Members be improved and may deal with such issues with difficulties especially when they will verify their attendance and salary. This examine will benefit the following:

  • Administration Staff – it might possibly reduce the quantity of the workload that the administration carries every day.
  • Faculty Members – it’s going to help the Faculty Members to maximise their time.
  • University – the system might help the University to show that
  • this Cavite State University – Silang Campus is among the creating Universities through the use of biometrics in their attendance.

Objectives of the Study

The basic objective of the examine is to develop a Faculty Attendance using biometrics with Payroll System. This examine has the next specific
aims. To design a Faculty Attendance using Biometrics with Payroll System with the following features:

  1. To develop a system that is capable of minimizing time in looking the names of the lecturers.
  2. To build up a system that may keep away from misplaced and tampering of the data.
  3. To assist the Faculty Members to reduce an extreme amount of consumption of paper and paper works.

It has document for the Faculty Members of the University. Record of their attendance and salary. It has view, add, edit and delete, refresh and print for the school members records.

Scope and Limitation of the Study

This study includes the development of Faculty Attendance using biometrics with Payroll System in Cavite State University – Silang Campus. It shall be used day by day to minimize the paper works that’s time consuming. And it was made to assist the authorities to vary their traditional of searching. The proposed system goals to minimize the time consumed in paper works and to have an efficient computation of the accounts. It permits the staff to inquire about their attendance historical past – self-service. It eliminates the tedious task of informing staff of lacking time logs during each payroll cut-off. And it offers employees a way to cross-check their internet pay with time logs. Minimizes inquires for payroll master. However, this research is proscribed to some processes of the University. It also limited to the actions for the development of the University, their schedule and assembly.

Operational Definition of Terms

Computer. It is an electronic gadget which is ready to retailer and manipulate information and have the power to perform functions instructed. Kiosk. It is a computer terminal featuring specialised hardware and software program designed within a public exhibit that provides access to info and applications. Database. It is recognized as the gathering of data.



This a half of the examine presents the supplies and strategies used in the development of the project design which includes necessities gathering, designing, strategy, implementation, testing, and evaluation.



The Fourth Generation Technique (4GT) was used for the event of the software. It is a step-by-step procedure in making the proposed software program as proven in Figure 1. It makes use of repetitive cycles in procedures when an error is encountered until a desired output is achieved. The strategies adopted were four major components specifically: necessities gathering, design technique, implementation and testing.

Alumni monitoring system

Websites become extra ubiquitous. It gives common access to a large universe of documents. “Through the help of World Wide Web (WWW) and websites, web has turn out to be very useful in many ways for a typical man. It introduced the globe in a single room right from the information across the world to the wealth of data it offers” as noted from Kaiz Karen (2009) in her article about “10 Common Uses of Internet”. These data are generated by multiple sources and organized into recordsdata when shaped together may be known as a net site.

“A web site, additionally written as website, or simply web site, is a set of associated web pages typically served from a single internet domain. A web site is hosted on a minimal of one net server, accessible through a network such as the Internet or a private native space network by way of an Internet handle often known as a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). All publicly accessible websites collectively represent the Web”.  There are numerous websites that can be used for locating and connecting people that we’ve lost contact with.

Reconnecting with these individuals on this means is maybe the only avenue we now have in some instances.


Alumni are most likely one of the essential constituent of a faculty institution. “They create the university’s popularity, which relies largely on how successful graduates are in the true world. This process is self-feeding as properly. If a faculty turns into well-known for producing graduates which are clever, revolutionary, and effective in their fields, then its status will grow.

” “Colleges monitor their graduates as a end result of they want them to continue to show interest. Not only are school alumni a pool of potential individual donors, they are additionally a testament to the value of a continued affiliation with the college.” Hence, it’s not straightforward to maintain monitor college students as quickly as they graduated. And with the steady improve in the number of college graduates, employment opportunities become very aggressive. Therefore, graduates find it hard to get jobs suitable with their abilities and purchased information.

Purpose and Description

To provide a systematic technique to watch and monitor the level of engagement and satisfaction the alumni physique has for Aces Polytechnic College. Survey will present greater than a simple percentage happy, it’s going to provide diagnostic information about what is driving satisfaction and engagement, where there are strengths and weaknesses, and what degree of engagement the alumni are reporting. The data would be broken down and analyzed by section (class yr, geographic location, exercise level, and so forth.). On an on-going basis (biennially), this measurement device will provide Aces Polytechnic College and the Alumni Association with a stable, fact-based technique of identifying the place progress is being made and the place deficiencies must be addressed.


Online survey performed by sending an e mail invitation to e mail addresses of Aces Polytechnic College alumni. Rather than expend sources to develop a survey tool, this method will assist the establishment on gathering data from the alumni’s employment records that would also help the institution to acquire scholarships from the Commission of Higher Education. Identifying tendencies and motivators will assist goal programming and communications more successfully, deepening the extent of engagement with alumni. Sharing this data with directors, college, and different employees throughout campus will help in the hassle to extend consciousness of, and construct help for, alumni engagement efforts. (2013, 07). Alumni Tracking System.

Objective of the Project

To allow graduate college students register alumni by way of web site.
To allow graduate college students share an activity and information relating to their alumni. Process/print out necessary report.
This project also comes with administrator website management system. The advantages of administrator website are: 1. Easy for administrator to key-in data relating to alumni activities and data. 2. Data entered by alumni member are easily managed and intended for knowledge analysis process. 3. Let the data unfold between alumni member and the varsity.

Scope and Limitation of the Project

Online Monitoring System for the Employment Status of ACES Graduates is a net site that can be access by the alumni of ACES Polytechnic College where they are going to be up to date concerning the faculty, applications and announcements almost about the varsity and its alumni. The system will not simply help enhance the connection of the college to its graduates but additionally will reduce the work of the Guidance Councilor in monitoring the employment status of its graduates which is needed to be reported to TESDA and make it more up to date due to its accessibility.

The course of started when consumer browse into Alumni Registration page. When the connection is established the principle menu will seem. User can make selection between these four menus; news and job, registration menu, member search menu and the last one was replace profile menu. In the registration menu, the person will start to fill their private particulars like name, handle, password, contact quantity, occupation and yr of graduation and etc. Password is used to update the profile in profile update menu. If the registration is success, the information (personal details) might be stored in database. If it fails, person must enter the information back accordingly to ensure the registration is succeeded. To search for present member, consumer can select member search menu and so they must key-in at least 2 characters, the result like name, telephone number and address will come out if the user existed in database. The different menu will let consumer to read recent information and job vacancy concerning their alumni.


  1. Karen, K. 2009. 10 Most Common Uses of the Internet.
  2. Website – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 2014-08-12.
  3. The Importance of Alumni Relations – Supporting Education. Retrieved 2014-08-12.

Modern Approach to Monitoring System


The portability, open source nature of smart phones and android OS for PC on android improvement platform has made the development of software software program for various environments as helpful. In this application are resulted in paper much less work, straightforward to make use of and time saving in nature. The wi-fi communication expertise of good phone permits the information transfer from the present client to distant database server, where ever the community range is out there. The Academic Monitoring System is a cell computing software program utility, which focuses on an exercise or operate, which is based on administration information system of educational institutions.

Overall the system is performing as an efficient software, in helping the sleek features of the tutorial activities of an academic institution. The whole system development is proposed with Android development platform. Keywords: Academic Monitoring System, Mobile Computing, Android based mostly Software Systems, Online Database Management System, Web Technology.


The nature of portability and handy use of smart telephone led them in use of varied applications where ever the private laptop is applied today.

This project is about “Academic Activity Monitoring System (AAMS)” (every colleges posting attendance details could be easily traced out).The system will include the details about the attendance of the students credit score system to maintain a their efficiency report. This automation system is embedded into android application which runs in android OS for PC. In current system, each school posting attendance particulars could be easily traced out. The entire session is stored in the database and at the finish of the semester or session report shall be generated.

The present system isn’t user-friendly as a end result of the computer based attendance management and monitoring actions are dealt with with the assistance of handbook and keying information to the database. The current system capabilities with intranet and web functionality with off time knowledge entry into the database. The drawback of real time knowledge entry is proposed in this project work. The inter-related databases and tables provide a flexibility of none maintenance of specific data and avoids handbook calculations. This monitoring system helps the administration to handle their administration activities with efficiency. More secured by the use of info than traditional educational exercise monitoring system.


Mobile Computing & PC Computing
Distributed Computing


The faculty actions and functionalities are monitored in manual with the assistance of human. Collecting all attendance details of particular hour on actual time is impossible task, when it is handled handbook or semi computerized. Updating the database with the assistance of PC primarily based computation isn’t an actual time activity.


Lack of in-availability of knowledge in real time.
Time delay in knowledge updating to the database.
Consume massive volume of paper work.
Manual work


The entire system development is proposed with cell computing ideas. The proposed system will easily handle all the information and the processes dealt with by this method is just like the present system with one variant as mobile computation as a substitute of PC computation. The monitoring system proposed here is mainly an built-in net project. The proposed project may be implemented utilizing android. It allows the consumer to interact with the system in a graphical user pleasant method. This system eliminates the drawbacks of the prevailing system and provides real time availability of information in the type of reports. Portability is amongst the main key elements on this project. In this system absolutely online data server based mostly utility.

Easily examine whether or not for attendance submit or not based mostly on real time. The prime degree and middle management individuals can monitor their administration activities from their place and no want of handbook or human bodily monitoring. Per day attendance details are available to the management personals on his desktop. Time saving.

It is consumer pleasant.


This project will help the professor to publish attendance or not time and calculations required to update the attendance manually. Administrator to establish for school actions in throughout class hour through internet services. `


As quickly as every college to posting attendance particulars corresponding to class corridor number, subject code, workers name, variety of students current and absent particulars easily traced out. So easily monitoring each class particulars and workers actions via net server.



A Smart Air Quality Monitoring System with Learning Capabilities


The time period ‘poor air quality’ is used to explain an setting that is not appropriate for humans/animals to be in, probably causing an immediate or long-term effect to the particular person breathing in this air. This project makes an attempt to design and develop an air monitoring gadget that can alert the registered user if there are any urgent points that come up inside the setting. The system may even try to warn the user of any uncommon readings, by comparing the current air pollution ranges with latest information.

The system will hook up with a Wi-Fi connection to ship text/email alerts to the user. Currently different types of air air pollution are generally monitored by multiple different gadgets, with this gadget aiming to combine these multi function. A machine learning strategy will be taken to consider any results that are sudden. This gadget can be considered in a working surroundings, where the business may be working with unsafe supplies, notifying the corporate of any unsafe air high quality levels.


This project offers the opportunity to check new applied sciences, combining a number of new areas of research. Exploring these applied sciences further will assist combine multiple residence monitoring units into one system. After researching this problem previously, there are ongoing issues with the rise of pollution levels, on account of this my project goals to analyze and warn people relating to these points. There are still many deaths attributable to house air monitoring techniques either being out of battery, or not put in throughout the property, the finish result of this project would be a profit as it will assist install all monitoring inside one location, meaning that a quantity of different gadgets would not need to be checked often.


· To investigate the implications of poor air quality, together with long run impacts.

· To examine the best suited hardware for this project.

· To examine using machine learning to supply correct readings.

· To create and show a system that can monitor protected ranges of air, alert the user of any anomalies and retailer historic knowledge for AI learning.

· To design and implement an android software that may receive real-time statistics from the hardware system.

· To create and comply with a project plan detailing when sure sections of the project should be completed by.


This chapter of the report will detail any present analysis regarding the project. The sources found might be analysed to discover a related justification for this project, while additionally discovering any gaps or connections between research areas. This section may even be used to discover the attainable analysis and project techniques/terminologies that would be relevant to this project. A evaluation of which applied sciences shall be selected to be used within the design/implementation section of this project will be included within this chapter weighing up the positives and negatives of quite a lot of choices available for use.



Within this part of the literature evaluate a number of various varieties of methodologies might be reviewed to find which would be most fitted for this project.

Within Figure 1, there are a quantity of different elements that have been considered relating to the result of the methodology for this project. The knowledge inside the table has been produced from the outcome of the below analysis.

When a waterfall project is initiated all timelines are set for each particular person chapter of the project, meaning that the timing for the project is already determined earlier than the project begins. This might turn into a difficulty because the different levels of the project all have hard deadlines, subsequently sure phases of the project may not be completed when the subsequent section of the project begins. (Balaji and Murugaiyan, 2012, p.27).

Time is one of the highest priorities within agile growth, with small deadlines being met frequently, so that any modifications inside a specification, may be modified throughout the artefact of the project. Time might be managed effectively with boards used to separate duties in an iterative manner. (Tarwani and Chug, 2016, p.418). This quote is related to each Scrum and Kanban as they’re both an agile methodology with the aim to create an artefact with many small iterative tasks. (Lei et all, 2017, p.59).

Due to the structure of the waterfall methodology, there are strict requirements as to what information members of the staff must possess within each section of the lifecycle. The teams will work individually to kind the overall artefact. If the phases are not completed appropriately then there could also be issues across the whole project, as some mistakes inside totally different teams may not be comprehendible by the opposite areas of the project group. (Kulkarni and Padmanabham, 2017, p.18).

An article by (Tanner and Takpuie, 2016, p.36) states that all through the scrum process, there are regular meetings to run by way of the progress of all the features of the Scrum board. This might include meetings with the client to debate any potential new developments which will need to be added/modified on the Scrum board. These conferences depend on the Scrum staff having different roles all through the project, such because the Scrum master and the product proprietor. This shows that the Scrum technique is reliant on group members, as there are particular role and meeting features that require a team to participate.

As mentioned with the Scrum methodology previously, a similar role-based method is taken for a Kanban project, with a senior administration staff persistently being involved with the project to offer the correct assist and knowledge to the the rest of the Kanban team. The staff will have regular meetings with other team members or external purchasers, to find attainable enhancements to the ongoing/completed duties. (Mojarro-Maga?a et al, 2018, p.7). This exhibits that this agile methodology can also be suited to a team-based surroundings, where common conferences are required to ensure all members of the team are required to offer their input.

The waterfall mannequin will only permit the scope of the project to be outlined at the start of the project lifecycle, all the initial knowledge must be to the usual of the expected consequence. All necessities ought to therefore be recorded to a very high commonplace. This provides no flexibility within the project, as any issues encountered all through the project wouldn’t have the ability to be resolved because of the linear construction of this technique. (Akbar et al, 2018, p.8067).

An article by (Lei et al, 2017, p.60) said that the scrum methodology is adaptable and that if certain elements of the unique specification were deemed unacceptable, then the specification could be adjusted to the correct approach. This signifies that using Scrum, it’s attainable for the project lifecycle to repeat until the necessary outcome has been reached.

The Kanban methodology will enable full management of any change throughout the project, with all high-level tasks being split into totally different sections, with the potential for using a Kanban board to manage any new/existing duties. Different sections could be created inside the Kanban board to allow for change, corresponding to a recycle bin, or totally different phases of the project. (Anderson, 2010, p.226).

All these methodologies enable for a while structure, with exhausting deadlines being available inside the waterfall methodology, due to this fact offering the general project with a structure that may be followed. (Balaji and Murugaiyan, 2012, p.27). Both agile methodologies permit for constant quick deadlines that must be met by meeting factors. (Tarwani and Chug, 2016, p.418).

All the reviewed methodologies are primarily based round a staff. This project will not be a staff project and the team structure of those methodologies will must be adapted to a project for a person. (Kulkarni and Padmanabham, 2017, p.18). As all sections of this project might be completed by a person, all areas should be coated by an individual’s skillsets. Although this is not a group project, an agile strategy may be adaptable as common conferences shall be held with the project supervisor to see the present progress of the project, this being just like the required conferences which are held to offer updates of labor e.g. wanting over a Kanban board. (Tanner and Takpuie, 2016, p.36).

The life cycle of a waterfall project is not going to enable for any modifications all through the project, which means that any modifications that might be required are not possible since sections of the project are frozen as soon as they’ve met their initial milestones. (Akbar et al, 2018, p.8067). One of the agile approaches would be best suited because the construction allows for adaptability as a outcome of fixed enable for change (Lei et al, 2017, p.60).

As this project is made up of numerous completely different chapters, a combination of two totally different methodologies shall be required. The analysis chapter will all be accomplished with a structured approach; therefore the waterfall method shall be best suited due to the onerous deadlines that allow sure timelines for particular sections, this shall be used to finish milestones of the analysis.

As proven by Figure 1 and the comparability of the totally different methodologies for all the researched areas, each agile approaches acquired a better mark regarding compatibility with this project, one of these agile approaches shall be used for the design and implementation phase of this project. Although each reviewed agile approaches acquired the identical total score, Scrum provides the project with a primary structure, involving regular conferences and particular deadlines for each quick set of tasks. (Nikitina and Kajko-Mattsson, 2011, p.159). Therefore, Scrum shall be used for the design and implementation phases of the project.


Secondary Research

Existing Uses of Machine Learning Within Hardware

Existing Libraries for Machine Learning

There are many different API’s/libraries that are open supply and available to be used, offering builders with the alternatives to make use of pre-existing performance. An example of a at present present API is ‘TensorFlow’. TensorFlow is a set of libraries that can be utilized to develop machine learning functionality, with the possibility to store the script within a cloud-based storage space. TensorFlow is out there for a wide selection of totally different platforms, for example Python, JavaScript and totally different cell utility platform. (TensorFlow, 2019).

(Abadi et al, 2017) wrote an article relating to the performance of TensorFlow as properly as a review of a few of the different options which are obtainable to the public. When a computation is made within TensorFlow, a dataflow graph might be created utilizing completely different mathematical features that had been used within the machine learning performance that has been developed, to indicate the trail that the information has taken all through the mathematical computation.

Another example of an present machine studying library is Java-ML. (Abeel et al, 2009, p.931) wrote an article discussing the makes use of of machine studying, together with how Java-ML could be integrated and structured within your personal languages which have been developed, confirming that this set of libraries is open supply and offers straightforward implementation of new libraries, including the chance to increase the functionality that the libraries already possess. Java-ML provides assist for Junit testing inside an IDE such as Eclipse or NetBeans. Java-ML supplies intensive documentation, with a large API handbook offering information on all attainable sections of the libraries which might be out there. (Java-ML, 2008).

Deeplearning4j (DL4J) is one other example of a machine learning library that is used within Java development. DL4J is open source and is commonly used as a business standard for machine studying frameworks. (Sakhawat, 2018, p.22). DL4J can be utilized across a number of different platforms, offering help for a lot of java-related languages, together with mobile-compatible languages similar to Kotlin. Python and C++ can be used. Just like the opposite reviewed libraries, DL4J is open source with access to a well-documented API file containing very important information regarding the libraries. (Deeplearning4j, 2019).


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A Project Report on IoT Based Bridge Health Monitoring System


The bridges over water our bodies are subjected to fixed deterioration because of excessive temperatures, heavy vehicular masses, earthquakes and floods. This has lead to devastating disasters corresponding to lack of property, state economy and most importantly life. Recently Majehat bridge in Kolkata and Siliguri bridge in Darjeeling had collapsed as a outcome of heavy hundreds and dilapidated conditions. So fixed real time monitoring of bridge structural well being is required to maintain the already developed bridges to keep away from any upcoming mishaps sooner or later.

In a rustic like India traditional methods such as human inspection and guide instruments are used to watch bridges. But this can be avoided by using the Internet Of Things and Wireless Sensing Networks. The goal of this research was to develop a system that constantly screens bridge well being after which updates the involved authorities relating to any defects as a end result of environmental circumstances through a mobile app. The system consists of ARM microprocessors, temperature, vibration and ultrasonic sensors together with RF modules.

As a result, extreme temperatures, shocks, and vibrations along with rising water levels are sensed and transmitted by way of the RF module to a Control Unit. This is all processed in real-time with out human intervention. The required data can be despatched to the app and corrective actions can be taken by the executive officials.


Bridges are critical in lots of regions, getting used over the centuries for transportation of products, humans and for viewing scenic beauty. Hence this makes it essential to have a system which constantly monitors the structural well being of the bridge and provides needed updates concerning any issues to the concerned authorities and that too in actual time.

Current advancements in sensing applied sciences and the rise of IOT have led to the event of automated bridge-monitoring techniques. Many lengthy span bridges worldwide have already applied such methods but excessive initial value and maintenance along with wired structures have created serious points as a outcome of which the desire to utilize traditional strategies still persists. In this project the idea of IOT primarily based bridge health monitoring is proposed. Different types of sensors hooked up to the bridge input various parameters similar to vibration, shocks, extreme temperatures and flood level, course of them utilizing microcontrollers according to the set threshold and eventually send the readings wirelessly utilizing RF transmitters. For the prototype bridge mannequin we are making ready we’re solely designing 2 nodes which might be hooked up on the ends of the model. To avoid collision within the networks we’re using an Anti-collision protocol known as as Request and Response. In this the slaves will evaluate their own slave ID after receiving the request and after a match takes place, then the slave will send knowledge to grasp. For the communication objective we are utilizing Message Queuing Telemetry Transport protocol. It is used for networks with distant places the place a small footprint or the community bandwidth is restricted. The required info will be displayed on an app interface designed using VBScript. The interface might be opened on any digital system with lively internet connection.

Literature Survey

On 18th September, 2011 in Darjeeling, West Bengal a bridge collapsed due to weakening in its structure brought on a 6.9 magnitude earthquake that shook north-eastern India. 32 individuals had been killed and 132 had been injured as a result.

On 4th August, 2016 an old bridge connected to the Mumbai  ‘Goa highway collapsed down due to over flooding as a result of heavy rains and rise of water degree of Savitri river .29 folks were lacking and 10 vehicles were submerged in the river.

On 18th August, 2017 in Bihar’s Araria district a bridge collapsed because of the raging river waters. 3 folks were dead and it affected nearly 98 lakh folks in sixteen districts which resulted within the postpostment of the upcoming examinations and cancellations of practice reservations.

We researched totally different papers from various sources such as

  1. Bridge Monitoring System’ revealed in IJISSET 2016 by the creator Anand Kumar Jha.
  2. Development of an IOT primarily based bridge safety monitoring system’ revealed in IEEE 2017 by the writer Taipei, Taiwan
  3. Bridge Monitoring and Alert Generation System utilizing IOT’ published in IJARIIT 2017 by creator Varsha Kusal and Amrita Argade


  1. To design and develop a sensor interface to detect and inform the base station of bridge structural health monitoring.
  2. To develop a Graphical person interface (GUI) for Monitoring and analysis of bridge safety.
  3. To develop a IOT primarily based APP to access information on internet.


At least 23 people have been killed after a bit of an under-construction overpass collapsed in a crowded space of the jap Indian city of Kolkata . Ponte Morandi motorway bridge collapse in Italy as a result of structural defect -43 dead. Not just these two but there are numerous mishaps as a end result of structural defects. To avoid these accidents a system is required which will detect the structural defects and ship the details about the defect to the central control system.

Many long-span bridges worldwide have already applied such techniques however excessive preliminary price and maintenance along with wired constructions have created severe issues as a outcome of which the desire to utilize traditional methods nonetheless persists.

If there would be a system which will indicate defects in the bridge, the lot of number of mishaps could possibly be avoided

Block Diagram

Block Diagram description:-

We are designing a wireless sensor network based mostly bridge monitoring system. We have connected 2 nodes to bridge mannequin. Both the embedded nodes will acquire knowledge and ship it to PC based mostly Master. For avoiding collision between nodes we are using Request and response kind protocol. In request and response protocol the grasp will send the information request. The slaves will receive the request and examine their very own slave ID. If slave ID matches, then the slave will ship the data to the Master. We are additionally designing a Local PC primarily based server. The server will display the info on the GUI.

Here we’re using completely different sensors to measure the totally different parameters effecting the bridge stability:

Temperature Sensor:

Measure the temperature on the concrete.

Ultrasonic sensor:

Here we are interfacing ultrasonic sensor primarily based water degree sensor.

Vibration sensor (Accelerometer):

Vibration sensor node the adjustments that would point out injury to the bridge .

IOT based mostly APP:

We are designing an IOT primarily based APP to display the info of the bridge . The consumer shall be updates with the sensor data periodically on web. The person can entry the info from wherever on APP.

Power Supply Design


The proposed system contains designing a system for measuring bridge parameters and send the info to the app. The system mainly consists of measuring the temperature, vibration within the bridge and in addition measure water degree. The collected data is distributed to cellular so that parameter monitoring will be simple and required repairing of the bridge might be carried out.

The project consists of two nodes on the bridge. The PC acts as server and nodes will act as slaves. When PC sends the request for data after which only nodes will send the data. This is done to avoid the collision of data.

Hardware and Software Requirement

Hardware Requirement:

  • LPC2138
  • Operating Voltage
  • 10 bit ADC(16 analog inputs)
  • LM 35
  • Operating voltage:4-30V
  • Current drain:60uA
  • Operating range:-550 to +1500 C
  • Accuracy:zero.50 C
  • HC-SR-04
  • Operating voltage:5V
  • operating current:15mA
  • Maximum range:4m
  • Minimum range:2cm
  • RF Trans receiver
  • Worldwide 2.four GHz ISM band operation
  • Ultra low energy operation
  • Operating voltage:1.9V to 3.6V
  • Operating temperature:-400 to +850C
  • ADXL 335
  • Operating voltage:1.8V to three.6V
  • Low energy:350uA
  • Excellent temperature stability
  • Software Requirements:
  • Compiler: KEIL3
  • Programming Language: Embedded C
  • Programming Platform: Flash Magic
  • Visual Basic server 6.
  • B4A

Simulation and Testing

Fig.5 initial stage of simulation

Fig.6 sensors output on LCD

Testing of Individual Sensors

LCD Testing

Fig.7 LCD Testing

ADXL 335 Testing

Fig.8. ADXL 335 Testing

LM 35 Testing

Fig.9 LM 35 Testing

Result evaluation and discussion

We performed testing of the individual sensor module. After profitable testing of sensors we applied the whole system in general setting and observed following results.

Sr.No Parameter Value Observed

Salve 1 Slave 2

  1. Temperature 29.60C 270C
  2. X-axis 490 494
  3. Y-axis 606 389
  4. Water level 204.5cm –

Precision agriculture

Implementation plan:

I – SEMESTER Sr.No Project element Month

  1. Selection of Project August
  2. Data sheet study September (1-15)
  3. sensor selection September (15-30)
  4. Circuit diagram (Proteus) October (1-15)
  5. Seminar report October (15-30)
  6. II SEMESTER 6 Layout Diagram,PCB making January (1-15)
  7. Soldering and Hardware testing January (15-30)
  8. Coding and testing February (1-30)
  9. Final Demonstration March (1-15)
  10. Final Project report April (15-30)


Wireless sensor networks are becoming popular daily. With the newest rise in IoT and wi-fi sensing actual time bridge health monitoring has become fairly advance and futuristic. This has additionally made monitoring correct and simply accessible by everybody. Problems accruing due to co-axial cables and optical fiber cables as well as the cost are additionally reduced. Reliability and ease of this technique is one other profit. This know-how can provide early defect detection which shall be useful in avoiding loss of nation economy and most significantly human life.

Scope of Future work

In proposed system,RF module is used for communication between nodes and PC server. But we can use ZigBee for long range communication. Also Zigbee modules wants less energy which is necessary parameter whereas implementing system on precise bridge.

In proposed system we are utilizing solely two nodes, however in actual time surroundings we want extra node. We can implement star topology in these nodes.

This system can be enhanced with extra options like adding extra sensors to node.

We can even set up auto limitations on bridge. When there’s a critical situation on bridge the obstacles will come down and save additional disasters.


1] Bridge Monitoring System published in IJISSET 2016 by the writer Anand Kumar Jha.

2] Development of an IOT primarily based bridge security monitoring system’ printed in IEEE 2017 by the author Taipei, Taiwan

3] Bridge Monitoring and Alert Generation System utilizing IOT published in IJARIIT 2017 by creator Varsha Kusal and Amrita Argade

4] Feasibility of Vibration-Based Long-Term Bridge Monitoring Using the I-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge Lauren Linderman, Principal Investigator Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering University of Minnesota

A Prescription Drug Monitoring Program


Currently, all states have applied a PDMP for health care prescribers and pharmacists to evaluation a patient’s control substance prescription history to help detect aberrant opioid use (Blum et al., 2016; Finley et al., 2017). The primary benefits of the PDMP consists of the flexibility to alert health care prescribers of managed medicine presently being issued by different prescribers and to promote appropriate prescribing practices by offering the patient’s opioid medication history, which is accessible to the prescribers and pharmacist (Aroke et al.

, 2018). Information supplied by the PDMP on the potential misuse or abuse of prescription opioids could enable suppliers to ensure secure prescribing practices while alleviating their patient’s ache (Bao et al., 2016). In essence, the PDMP could be seen as an informatics device that has the capacity to supply point-of-prescribing data to allow prescribers and pharmacist to make the most appropriate opioid prescribing and dishing out decision (Delcher et al., 2017).


Commonly famous barriers to use by well being care professionals include an advanced log-in course of, the period of time required to make the most of this system for looking and navigating purposes, frequent requirements for password updates, and general increase in workload within the use of the PDMP as a end result of required documentation mandated by each state (Poon et al.

, 2016; Radomski et al., 2017; Sun et al., 2018). Providers with legitimate scientific reasons to prescribe opioids for his or her sufferers could have issues that they might be recognized via the PDMP as high prescribers, which may be interpreted as inappropriately prescribing of opioids which will lead to attainable felony prosecution (Islam & McRae, 2014).

Although all states have an energetic PDMP, every state’s program varies and operates in a different way, such because the reporting time for stuffed prescriptions, interstate data sharing, how prescribers are identified within the PDMP database, and whether prescribers are mandated to make use of the PDMP prior to prescribing an opioid (Butler, Becker, & Humphreys, 2018; Manasco et al., 2016).

Emergency room visits. The rise in prescription opioid abuse and misuse has placed an amazing burden on the well being care infrastructure, accounting for about a half million visits to the ER and increasing direct well being care price to many well being insurers (Barth et al., 2017). Opioid-related visits are on the rise, particularly within the ER, throughout all demographic groups (Lin et al., 2017). Emergency departments have turn out to be a frequent avenue for individuals to get hold of prescription opioids and a high-risk setting for doctor shopping and drug diversion (Sun et al., 2018). According to Kim, Heard, Heard, and Hoppe (2016) roughly 31% of all ER patients have been discharged with an opioid prescription. The ER plays a significant function within the treatment of patients with opioid use and associated problems. The availability for ER suppliers to have entry and routinely use the PDMP may present clinicians the ability to prevent writing for overlapping opioid prescriptions (Geissert et al., 2018). Evidence through research findings does assist that a PDMP can change ER physicians’ prescribing plans in 41% of instances and resulted in less prescribing of controlled substance, similar to opioids (Griggs, Weiner, & Feldman, 2014).


A thorough evaluation of the numerous literature associated to prescription drug monitoring program was conducted. Several databases have been used to search for the peer-reviewed sources for this project assignment. The databases were:

  1.  Citations and Abstracts for Literature of Nursing and Allied Health (CINHAL)
  2.  EBSCO Host, © PubMed
  3.  Medline.

Several search terms had been used to determine sources for this project. The search phrases included prescription drug monitoring system, opioid disaster, substance abuse, controlled drugs, and prescription drug abuse. Using the search phrases identified, 245 articles were obtained from the electronic search. A review of the title, summary, and article was performed, and 30 articles have been selected and used for this project assignment.


The prescription abuse of opioids has grown to epidemic proportion in the US, which has elevated roughly four-folds since 1999 (Pauly et al., 2017; Sun et al., 2018). The elevated use of opioids has demonstrated a correlation to the increased price of deaths because of prescription opioids overdose (Pauly et al., 2017). As a results of the opioid crisis, evidence counsel that there has been an increase within the variety of ER visits, remedy facilities, and opioid overdose (Ali, Dowd, Classen, Mutter, & Novak, 2017). Endorsed by varied authorities entities, such as the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and the DHHS, the PDMP has been identified as crucial coverage initiative for decreasing prescription drug abuse (Ali et al., 2017; Irvine et al., 2014). The PDMP is designed to trace prescribing and allotting of prescription-controlled substances with the objective to scale back over-prescribing of opioids and to determine individuals with opioid prescriptions from multiple suppliers. In different phrases, the PDMP might help to facilitate data sharing amongst prescribers as a technique to avert diversion and prescribing to individuals who are vulnerable to opioid abuse and overdose.

The PDMP presents the chance to scale back the probability of patients to receive a number of prescriptions from a quantity of suppliers. The program can present health care providers and pharmacists a extra complete information about the risk of drug in search of habits by the affected person and inappropriate prescribing practices by providers. Numerous research concerning the impact of PDMPs concerning the prescribing practices of opioids by providers have shown that the implementation of PDMP was effective in lowering the number of prescriptions written for opioids and a discount in overdose dying and a number of prescribers (Ali et al., 2017). Bao et al. (2016) discovered that there was a correlation between the implementation of a PDMP and a discount in the prescribing of opioids, which includes substantial adjustments in opioid prescriber charges from before and after the usage of the PDMP system. Research data has demonstrated that opioid-related deaths have decreased in states with a PDMP than in states without a PDMP (Ali et al., 2017). For instance, Florida, Georgia, and Oregon has seen an association with a lower in opioid prescribing patterns (Ali et al., 2017; Deyo et al., 2018). Delcher et al. (2017) demonstrated that the creation of Florida’s PDMP was related to a 25% decrease in opioid-related deaths and a 29% decline in opioid diversion after implementing their program (Delcher et al., 2017).

OJT Monitoring System

The study aimed to present the advantages of automating the monitoring of on-the-job trainees’ records, and the following will be the system’s benefactors: OJT Coordinator. The OJT coordinator will not have a hard time verifying/monitoring the hours rendered by the trainee. He/She will also be free from bulk of journal notebooks, month end and terminal reports, and there’s no possible way of losing them. The coordinator will also have the chance to communicate with each OJT Supervisor online. Retrieving of informations and files would be more convenient. On-the-Job Trainees. Less expense because of paper less passing of requirements because all the requirements will be passed online. They can have an accurate record of their rendered hours during the training. They will be notified every time the OJT Coordinator have something to announce. OJT Supervisor. He/She can have a chance to communicate with the OJT Coordinator online. Developers. They can enhance all the skills and knowledge they learned with their chosen course. Scope and Delimitation

The study will have the ability to compute overtime and demerits of the trainee in real-time, it will also automatically creates a certificate of completion after the trainee has completed the total training hours, generates a printed version of the list of trainees, course, section and including the total hours of the trainee. It will also serve as a daily time recorder for the trainee. The daily time entry will also be validated first by the OJT Supervisor from the company before the system pass it to the OJT coordinator.

Checking of journals, month-end report and terminal reports can be done via admin panel. Evaluation/rating form to be filled up by the OJT Supervisor online. Editable entries were only in the part of the trainees like the journal, month end and terminal reports. It will also include messaging between OJT supervisor and OJT coordinator and notifications for the trainees. The system will also provide a portfolio for storing trainee’s files, like images during the training and documents.

The system will not let the OJT coordinator edit the given evaluation form by the OJT supervisor. Characteristic of the Current System
The College of Communication and Information Technology OJT Coordinator
verifies the trainee’s official time entries via a traditional daily time record. She also let the trainees pass their journal written in a notebook, and month end/terminal reports were printed in bond papers, that is why bulk of requirements were stack at the office. Loss of some trainee’s files would be possible. Also, the OJT coordinator have to visit the trainees even those who were far just to monitor them or check their performances.

These are the characteristics that the researchers would automate for better monitoring and more accurate records with regards of the daily time entries.

Monitoring System

Information Technology is apparently fast spreading world-wide. The growth and development of technology nowadays is fast approaching. Everywhere we go, we will inevitably encounter computer-based communications, transportation, health, and so much more. These are the tangible products of technology. But sometimes, it seems like we don’t really understand technology. And it is important for us to consider that our generation should deeply understand the essence of technology in our present lives.

The reality is, it is not easy to understand what information technology really do. It generally refers to any type of technology we use to communicate. Now, what are those?
Here are some possible duties that an information technology specialist may have in the professional world. First Installing and uninstalling software, troubleshooting, diagnosing, and repairing computers, designing and building and upgrading computers, Establishing and managing computer networks developing and maintaining databases and last that we know is helping people to use computers and other technology effectively.

This list of duties simply shows a broad range of technology in this world. It plays a very wide role in this world. This includes every unit and hardware of a computer up to the smallest existing software. Even web communication, internet, antivirus protections, and everything that relates with technology, either hardware or software.

Knowing that information technologies depend on scale helps simplify its definition. An IT specialist can work on the internal workings of a single computer or coordinate a wide network of connected computers but not only computers. Because information technology reaches so far, technologies entered new age.

Force by technological changes and globalization upon Information technology. . Mobile phones (also known as a cellular phone, cell phone,
and a hand phone) are a devices that can make and receive telephone calls over a radio link while moving around a wide geographic area. It does so by connecting to a cellular network provided by a mobile phone operator, allowing access to the public telephone network. By contrast, a cordless telephone is used only within the short range of a single, private base station.

On the contrary, one of the most prestigious places in Morong, Rizal, Centerpoint is lacking in dependency with technology. They are still sticking with manual monitoring of stalls and manual transaction of payment of the tenants of the Morong Centerpoint.

Now we, third year Students of University of Rizal System, College of Computer Studies proposing Morong Centerpoint Stall Rental Computer-Based System to enhance from the old style transaction to a system that would provide a convenient way of monitoring.

Background and the purpose of the study

Morong is a first class municipality in the province of Rizal, Philippines. According to the latest census, it has a population of 50,538 inhabitants in 8,988 households. A popular attraction is Spanish-era St. Jerome’s Parish Church. The town is also known for featuring the balaw-balaw side dish.

In Rizal, Morong is one of the municipalities that has a fast growth of technology. You can see computer colleges around this municipality that proves that Morong Rizal is very good in nurturing the youth of their municipality with technology. It shows that early engagement of youth in technology is a way of putting the future of this municipality into a great modernization and success.

With technology, there is no doubt that this municipality can be a city sooner or later. With the developed citizenship of Morong, is very probable for them to get deeply dependent to technological knowledge. With this reason, as what technology does, it is possible to make things quicker and

Therefore, there is always a room for improvements for those left-behind corporations such as Morong Centerpoint.
As stated in article XIV Education, Science and Technology, Arts, Culture and Sports Education SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY Section 10.
“Science and technology are essential for national development and progress. The State shall give priority to research and development, invention, innovation, and their utilization; and to science and technology education, training, and services. It shall support indigenous, appropriate, and self-reliant scientific and technological capabilities, and their application to the country’s productive systems and national life.”

Since Morong Centerpoint is still getting left behind due to the fast growth of technology, keeping the manual application of monitoring, the researchers have decided to come up with Morong Centerpoint Computer-Based System as a much more convenient way of monitoring the stalls of Centerpoint, where it can monitor the space it allots and when to pay the rental fee/contract.


Academic Monitoring System using Android application


The portability, open source nature of smart phones and android OS for PC on android development platform has made the development of application software for various environments as handy. In this application are resulted in paper less work, easy to use and time saving in nature. The wireless communication technology of smart phone enables the information transfer from the current client to remote database server, where ever the network range is available. The Academic Monitoring System is a mobile computing software application, which focuses on an activity or function, which is based on management information system of academic institutions. Overall the system is acting as an effective tool, in assisting the smooth functions of the academic activities of an educational institution. The entire system development is proposed with Android development platform. Keywords: Academic Monitoring System, Mobile Computing, Android based Software Systems, Online Database Management System, Web Technology.


The nature of portability and handy use of smart phone led them in use of various applications where ever the personal computer is applied today. This project is about “Academic Activity Monitoring System (AAMS)” (every faculties posting attendance details can be easily traced out).The system will include the information about the attendance of the students credit system to keep a their performance record. This automation system is embedded into android application which runs in android OS for PC. In present system, every faculty posting attendance details can be easily traced out. The whole session is stored in the database and at the end of the semester or session report will be generated. The existing system is not user-friendly because the computer based attendance management and monitoring activities are handled with the help of manual and keying data to the database. The existing system functions with intranet and internet capability with off time data entry into the database. The problem of real time data entry is proposed in this project work. The inter-related databases and tables provide a flexibility of none maintenance of specific records and avoids manual calculations. This monitoring system helps the management to handle their management activities with efficiency. More secured by means of information than traditional academic activity monitoring system.


Mobile Computing & PC Computing
Distributed Computing


The faculty activities and functionalities are monitored in manual with the help of human. Collecting all attendance details of particular hour on real time is impossible task, when it is handled manual or semi computerized. Updating the database with the help of PC based computation is not a real time activity.


Lack of in-availability of information in real time.
Time delay in data updating to the database.
Consume large volume of paper work.
Manual work


The entire system development is proposed with mobile computing concepts. The proposed system will easily handle all the data and the processes handled by this system is similar to the existing system with one variant as mobile computation instead of PC computation. The monitoring system proposed here is basically an integrated web project. The proposed project can be implemented using android. It allows the user to interact with the system in a graphical user friendly way. This system eliminates the drawbacks of the existing system and provides real time availability of information in the form of reports. Portability is one of the major key factors in this project. In this system fully online data server based application.

Easily check whether for attendance post or not based on real time. The top level and middle management persons can monitor their management activities from their place and no need of manual or human physical monitoring. Per day attendance details are available to the management personals on his desktop. Time saving.

It is user friendly.

4.1. Modules:
User Module – Administrator
Attendance Posting Module – Faculty
Update Database Module – Attendance
Internet Connectivity Module – Android Client to Web Server based Online Database, PHP Scripts
4.2. Design & Development:
User Module – Administrator
Frontend: Android Design
Backend: PHP Scripts Deployment in Web Server, Online Database Design Attendance Posting Module – Class Attendance Details with Time and Date (Theory & Laboratory)
Update Database Module – Posting Attendance Details with Time and Date, Number of Students Present and Absent. Internet Connectivity Module – Android Client Connection with Campus WIFI, Retrieving the data to online database through webserver and PHP scripts


This project will help the professor to post attendance or not time and calculations required to update the attendance manually. Administrator to identify for faculty activities in during class hour through web services. `


As soon as every faculty to posting attendance details such as class hall number, subject code, staff name, number of students present and absent details easily traced out. So easily monitoring every class details and staff activities through web server.


Rfid Monitoring System With SMS


Technology refers to the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. Over the years, technology brought forth different products that would make man’s life more convenient and enjoyable. The products include, but are not limited to computers, televisions, radio, satellites, light bulb, automobiles, robots, and mobile phones. Others include virtual simulations of real life phenomena like life simulation games, virtual assistants and artificial intelligence. Technology greatly affected mankind as it helped them achieve things which may seem impossible to attain and gain truth and knowledge from things which may seem complicated to decode or understand. Through the years to come, technology will continue to lead man to the path of scientific advancement.

A virtual pet is a type of an artificial human companion. Virtual pets differ from real pets as they have no concrete physical form other than the hardware they run on. On the other hand, like a real animal, if a virtual pet is neglected, it can get sick and die. Interaction with virtual pets may or may not be goal oriented, depending on the player. If the interaction is goal oriented, then the player must keep it alive as long as possible and often help it to grow into higher forms. In order to keep the pet alive a player often has to ‘feed’, ‘groom’, and ’play’ with his or her virtual pet. If it is not goal oriented, then the player may experiment with the game by trying out different pets to know which one he or she likes to take care of.

A virtual pet can be a simulation of real or imaginary animals in computers, tablets, smartphones, or sometimes, in electronic toys. Virtual pet games are a subclass of life simulation games. Life simulation games are about “maintaining and growing a manageable population of organisms”, where players are given the power to control the lives of autonomous creatures or people. One thing that distinguishes virtual pets from other simulation games is, it is designed to be ‘cute’ and it has the ability to act out on a range of emotions based on a player’s interaction.

Aside from providing entertainment to players, the main purpose of virtual pet games is to teach players the responsibilities of taking care of a pet. A virtual pet game could be used as a training for a person who wants to adopt an animal as a pet. It can help people determine if they are committed to taking care of a real animal. Plus, virtual pet games can be used in lieu of taking care of a real live pet for people who have allergic reactions to certain animals.

The Virtual Pet Caretaking Game proposed by the researchers would be a big help for those people who think of having real pets. It will be developed in the android platform which can only be accessible to android phone users. With this game, they can be taught of the responsibilities of having to take care of a pet. Players will often get to enjoy various interactions with their pets such as feeding them, grooming them, playing with them, and giving them gifts such as accessories. The virtual pets, although ‘cartoony’ in design, will often simulate various reactions from real pets such as barking, yapping, purring, enjoying a good old ‘belly rub’, scratching, etc. It will also include a state indicator to determine if a pet is hungry, upset, bored, sick, lonely, and having the urge to defecate or urinate. This game also exhibits realistic tendencies that could happen if a player forgets to feed, groom, or give medicine to his or her pet. These tendencies include death, sickness, and bad odor caused by unsanitary hygiene.

Project Context

One of the problems encountered in the Philippines can be seen in its streets. There are various stray dogs, cats and other animals that were once part of a ‘family’ (considering some people often think of pets as part of a family) which are now neglected and are roaming the city in search for food and shelter. These pets, due to hunger, unsanitary hygiene, and being exposed to harsh environmental conditions without shelter, often get sick. They could carry diseases that could harm not only them, but also the human beings. Neglected pets such as these are often pitiful to see. If only the people who were once the owners of these animals knew how to take care of a pet, then problems like these wouldn’t arise.

Some people often think that having a pet is an easy job. They think that they can manage to take care of their pets even if they have work or classes to attend to. They might tell themselves that they are responsible enough to raise pets and would sometimes rush into adopting one without having enough knowledge on how to take care of it. In most cases, people are not prepared to have pets. There will come a time when they will pay little attention to the pets they once adored and showered affections with. This could lead to the detrimental of their pets’ health or sometimes, even death.

Thus, the proponents have decided to develop the Virtual Pet Caretaking Game to train the people before having a real pet. This game will help them know the pet’s needs and wants. Players will learn to be patient and loving with their pets or else the pets get sick or die. This game could also aid the players in choosing the right animal for them to adopt as a pet, in the future. In addition, this game could also be used to determine a player’s commitment to taking care of a real pet. If the pet lived a happy and fruitful life during its virtual lifetime, then this is a good indication that the player or owner of the virtual pet is ready to have a real live pet.

Purpose and Description

This project is addressed to all people who want to raise a pet for the first time, but do not have any idea of what problems they will face if they do. Many people suffer in the process of raising a pet, because they cannot adjust or even simply understand the behavior of their pets. Health of their pet is not properly balanced and proper hygiene is not consistent due to a busy schedule. But the worse scenario is taken and carried by their beloved pets. Because of health problems, these pets are prone to different kinds of viruses and sickness, less exercise will add up and less attention will boost stress that will affect their behavior, action and interaction to people, and other animals.

Virtual Pet Caretaking Game is an application that will let users or players see a forecast of what to do to raise a pet. The player’s main goal in this game is to maintain his or her virtual pet’s health, hygiene, and happiness bars as great as possible. Through this, players will get to train themselves to become good pet caretakers someday.

The game possesses a great Graphical User Interface that will suit to all ages. This means that parents won’t have to worry about guiding their children in playing this game. This game is not only for children, because its goal will suit to all pet lovers out there, and because of its easy to use navigation and controls, the proponents are pretty sure that everybody won’t have a hard time in navigating this game.

Mistakes are acceptable if the pet owners learned from it, but if their pets continue to suffer from the same mistakes, it is a different story. The choice is in the players’ hands. Through a virtual pet game, players will get to learn many things about taking care of a pet.

General Objective

The primary objective of this project is to develop an application that will temporarily replace the role of real pets in people’s lives. The purpose of replacing a real pet is to expose the people who want to have pets, to all situations that they may face if they raise their own pets. Situations like; how to feed, when to feed or what to feed; is very important and would be very crucial in raising real pets. This will teach people the responsibilities one has to do in order for the pet to survive. Watching and understanding their different emotions are important too and letting them grow healthy in the players’ hands is a must!

This game is designed for children and adults who want to know their responsibilities in raising a pet. This is also for the pet’s safety; because ignorance of pet lovers can harm them and can boost stress that will greatly affect their emotion, action, and interaction with people. This game will simulate behaviors and characteristics of a real pet, to let a user or a player feel that he or she is raising a real pet. If the user is doing something wrong, the virtual pet will react accordingly.

Specific Objectives

Below are the specific objectives of the study
1. To develop a game which simulates virtual pets to temporarily replace real animals as pets.
2. To develop virtual pets which can simulate the behaviors of real animals.
3. To teach people the proper ways of taking care of a pet.
4. To assess if a person is suitable in raising or adopting a real animal as a pet.
5. To provide a user friendly interface that suits for all ages.
6. To provide user convenience by implementing simple navigation or controls.

Scope and Limitation of the Study

The study of Virtual Pet Caretaking Game covers the processes of simulating virtual pets to mimic real life pets to let the user or player feel that he or she is taking care of a real pet. It will include various things that the user can do to interact with his or her virtual pet such as feeding it, grooming it, playing with it, giving it accessories, and giving it medicine if the pet is sick. The game also covers tendencies that could happen if a virtual pet is not treated right, such as sickness or death. If the pet is raised with affections, then the pet will grow bigger and healthier, up to the last days of its virtual life.

Like a real pet, a virtual pet will not live forever, so taking good care of a virtual pet is a must, if the player wants his or her virtual pet to live a happy virtual life. However, there are features which the proponents would limit for the game, such as, the game will only be developed in a two-dimensional graphic display and the game will not include social interactions with other players over the internet.

Furthermore, by the end of the virtual pet’s lifetime, players can get to assess themselves if they are ready to adopt or raise a real animal as a pet. If the virtual pet lived a happy virtual life, then the player may now adopt or raise a real pet. Otherwise, it can be an indicator that the player needs to have more training in taking care of a virtual pet so that in the future, the player will be ready to adopt or raise real pets.