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    Albert Einstein As A Noble Prize

    This essay will talk about about Albert Einstein’s inventions, achievements and the Nobel Prize. Moreover, it will discuss about his errors in his life. Albert Einstein is the 20th century’s best scientist. He contributed immensely to the world of science and more particularly in physics where he developed the power regulation of relativity; E=mc2 and […] More

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    Amazon vs. Barnes & Noble

    The qualitative services department was hired to provide an in depth analysis of two leaders in their industry, Barnes & Noble and Amazon. The purpose of this report is to provide all the necessary data in an unbiased manner, so that the accounting partners may make their investment decision knowing all the facts and figures […] More

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    Dying a noble Death

    “Dying a noble death” Introduction        Death is inevitable and everyone must be ready to face death. The author of, “If we must die” makes use of different literary devices to describe death and to encourage people to be brave and not to fear death. People should not just die like hogs or […] More