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    Case: Erik Peterson

    Do you think Erik Peterson was an effective leader? Why or why not? I do think Erik Peterson was an effective leader. Erik Peterson was definitely represented good leadership from every aspect of his work. Though at the very beginning, there were a great many problems exsiting in the GMCT and had negative effective on […] More

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    Erik Peterson at Biometra: Case Analysis

    1) Revision of original sales and distribution launch target date from February 1 to April 1 and only 3 weeks to prepare for the launch. 2) Equivocation with KOLs regarding support from the company, increasing the likelihood that they would withdraw from working relationships with Biometra. 3) Strained dynamics between him and his team, as […] More

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    Erik Peterson

    I. Executive Summary * To launch of the new catheter successfully, Hardy’s not making decisions and Peterson’s difficulty to grasp key information are key issues. * The first issue will be solved by making Peterson Knight’s direct report in order to reduce time of approval process. * The second issue will be solved by setting […] More