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    Analysis of Pharmacy Code of Ethics

    Each occupation has a set of ethical codes and standards which they have to adhere to in order to attain maximum belief and maintain professional relationships with their buyer or consumer. Breach of the defined code will lead to harm of client’s belief, trustworthiness in one’s capacity to work of their surroundings with a non- […] More

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    Sample Cover Letter for a Pharmacy Internship

    I am applying for a pharmacy internship position at (_) with hopes that it will be an opportunity where I will be able to fulfill my degree requirements. I am recently in school achieving my goal to achieve the next step of becoming a pharmacy technician. In order for me to reach my long term […] More

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    Pharmacy Technician Professionalism

    Interest in professionalism has grown in recent years, which – at least in part – has been driven by reports of the unethical, illegal, or unprofessional behaviour of doctors and other health professionals. Restoring public trust, particularly in medicine and doctors, but also changes in public and patient expectations, as well as working conditions and […] More