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    The Prevalence of Imperialism in the Modern World

    Imperialism is a policy of conquering and ruling other lands usually with a motive of resources or land. Two well-known examples of imperialism lie in the movie, Avatar, and in the Belgian King Leopold’s deceitful conquest of the Congo. The two stories both have similar actions when it comes to the conquerors decisions, but it […] More

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    Prevalence of Self-Medication

    Antibiotic self-medication among university medical undergraduates in Northern Nigeria Joseph O. Fadare 1* and Igbiks Tamuno 2 1Department of Medicine, Kogi State Specialist Hospital, Lokoja, Nigeria 2Department of Pharmacology, Bayero University, Kano, Kano State, Nigeria. Accepted 20 April, 2011 Self-medication is becoming a common type of self-care behavior among the population of many countries. Many […] More