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    Summary of “The Princess Paradox”

    In “The Princess Paradox” James Poniewozik suggests that being a princess is much different now than it used to be. But many daughters will always want to be princesses, no matter how much the idea of “princess” has changed over the years. Poniewozik starts his article off by stating that people often try to keep […] More

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    Conspiracy Theories about Princess Diana’s Death

    Introduction Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales was the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales. She was an eminent celebrity of the late 20th century well known for her fund-raising work for international charities ( [henceforth HoTM]). Sadly, she was famous not only due to her good deeds, but mostly because of her divorce with […] More

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    А princess Hindu

    MIRABAI: Meerabai (c. 1498 – c. 1557 AD) (the word ‘bai’ in Rajasthani is an informal term commonly used to refer a girl) was a princess Hindu mystical and a devotee of Lord Krishna from Rajasthan. She was one of the most significant figures Sant of the Vaishnava bhakti movement. Some 1,300 pads (poems) commonly […] More