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    Standard Operating Procedure

    SOP, or standard operating procedure, is a detailed, written instruction to achieve uniformity of the performance and appearance of a specific function. In the military the sop is suppose to be a reference for soldiers to consult whenever they have doubts about their knowledge on the proper way to complete an action. They have both […] More

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    Title of Legislation, Policy/ Procedure

    1998 Human rights are legal obligations that must be obeyed by all public bodies and local everyone has the right to: Fairness, Respect, Equality, Dignity and Respect for their Personal Autonomy, and freedom from: torture, degrading treatment, slavery (forced labour), thought, belief, religion and expression. It gives them legal rights and gives them some protection […] More

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    Grievance Procedure

    This document forms a template for organisations to compose a policy for Grievance. The working is largely standard but there is the opportunity for organisations to personalise the policy. This document is divided into three columns 1. Heading: for each sub section of the policy 2. Explanation: why the section is there and what it […] More