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    Describe the promotional mix used by two selected organisations

    The promotional mix of a business is how a business attempts to communicate with various target audiences and is a key element in the overall marketing mix. Advertising: Tesco advertise there meal deal effectively, they can advertise their product through commercials, posters, leaflets and billboards, which are all effective in getting the message of their […] More

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    Promotional Tools

    The promotion that I have located is a promotional campaign from PepsiCo Vietnam for its new snack product Poca Twisties, which is also known as Twisties in other Asian market like Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand (this is an equivalent to PepsiCo’s Fritos/ Doritos for the Asian market). Beside using traditional promotion methods ad like print […] More

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    Marketing Research and Promotional messages

    Marketing messages are a key component to attracting attention and lead the targeted consumer through the sales cycle and to purchase (Consumer Behavior and Targeting Audience). When a company is looking to create a marketing communication message it is important to understand the type of consumer they are marketing towards. The company needs to look […] More