Anaconda: Biggest Snake in the World

I. Introduction

a. A scientist of Brazil was sailing a boat in the Amazon River. His objective was to search out the most important snake on the planet, the anaconda. Some tragedies occurred in this river as a end result of deadly matatoro, Spanish for “bull killer”. As he was cruising, an elongated, green determine appeared on the floor of the water. An anaconda. The scientist was so fascinated by this lovely but deadly reptile, he crept nearer to get a greater look at it.

Then, snap! The snake bit his head, then wrapping its body around the scientist, suffocating him to death. Dinnertime! b. Slowly, the anaconda consumed the entire physique, crushing the bones to the abdomen. c. I will speak of a number of things in regards to the aggressive anaconda including its

1. Physical Features
2. Natural Environment
3. Diet and Preying

II. Physical Features

d. As the most important snake on the planet, an average-sized anaconda can be 30 ft long and 550 pounds. Imagine 5 10-year-olds mendacity down head to foot to match this extraordinary length.

Also, to match its weight, it would take roughly eleven kids. Anacondas could be big around as a grown man. e. It can open its mouth extensive sufficient to swallow its prey complete. This is as a end result of the anaconda’s jaws are held along with stretchy ligaments. f. The anaconda’s eyes and nostrils are positioned on the top of its head, allowing it to see and breathe while the relaxation of the body is submerged under water. g. The colorings of its scales create an excellent coat of camouflage of spots and stripes alongside its physique.

Its scale colors range from greenish to orange.

III. Natural Environment

h. These creatures reside in slow-moving rivers, swamps, and nearby pools of the Amazon Rainforest. i. Anacondas are additionally located within the Guianas and all through the regions of the tropical South America and the Orinoco Basins as nicely. j. They are also found in savannas, grasslands, and deciduous forests. When not within the water, they’re normally spotted by its edge, shading itself from the solar. k. The waters are their main source for transportation, searching, and escaping from dangers.

IV. Diet and Preying

l. Anacondas eat amphibious animals, like frogs & toads, as nicely as fish, caiman, birds, ducks, turtles, mice, hamsters, rats, deer, and pigs. m. They are nocturnal, which implies they hunt at evening. But they don’t go seek for meals, instead they expect for their prey to come back to the water for a drink. n. It takes a quantity of weeks for an anaconda to digest one meal. o. Each day, they’ll eat up to forty kilos.

V. Conclusion

p. So the subsequent time someone gives you a giant bear hug, consider your reptile buddies, the anacondas.

Response to literature- black snake: the daring of Ned Kelly

Bushrangers are known to be ruthless outlaws. Many people have thought of Ned Kelly as a villain, some think of him as a hero or possibly a victim in most cases. Ned Kelly has committed various villainous acts or has been a part of scenes where he most likely wasn’t supposed to be. However, Ned has also done heroic acts and has been victimized by numerous Victorians at the time. Ned Kelly had been expected to be a villain since a young age. Young Ned had done many things a twelve year old wouldn’t think of committing, such as robbing a bank. Ned was originally sentenced to an unexpected trial because he was caught by a trooper when he was flashing a horse in the local streets of Greta. Apparently, Ned thought the horse he was riding belonged to a friend of the family who left not long ago but the horse was actually stolen. Ned had explained to the judge that he didn’t know that the horse was stolen.

Unfairly, the judge charged Ned for receiving a stolen horse and was sentenced to three years of hard labor. As for the family friend who stole the horse, he was sentenced to only six months of hard labor. Many Victorians thought that he deserved it, although, I believe he was highly victimized at the scene of the trial. Ned had always been highly protective of his family. There was a scene that happened at the Kelly’s house between a trooper that spread everywhere in Victoria. A fellow constable had arrived drunk at the Kelly’s doorstep to arrest Ned’s brother Dan who was accused of horse stealing. Later on, the constable started to act inappropriately towards Ned’s sister Kate.

Ned’s mother got a hold of a shovel and dented the constable’s helmet. After the crime scene, a trial for the incident occurred and Ned’s mother had to serve three years of hard labor until someone pays the bailing payment. Ned, Dan and two mates of theirs formed a fugitive gang and robbed banks and did obscured acts to pay the bail money. Many different stories have been recorded. This may be a villainous and slightly idiotic thing to do but some may think it is loyal and heroic. There was one incident that made all Victorians turn on Ned. There was a shooting at Stringybark Creek where the Kelly gang had their hideout. The results from the shooting scene left two women widowed and nine children fatherless. Since then, there had been an increasing reward for the find of the Kelly gang. Despite all the villainous acts stated, Ned Kelly was victimized through many events. All his and his family’s trials were unfair due to biasness.

Victorians judged the Kelly family and no one listened to their point of view. Ned Kelly stated that the incident at Stringybark Creek was a misunderstanding and that they never planned to shoot. As for the incident at the Kelly house, Ned Kelly was never at the crime scene and was believed to be four hundred-six hundred miles away. It was that the constable was shot by Mrs. Kelly herself but tended the wounds. When the constable went back to the station, he had told the judge, fellow Victorians and partners that is was Ned who shot him. Nevertheless, the judge charged Mrs. Kelly for three years of hard labor and since then, Victorians had been on the hunt for the Kelly’s. Through many of Ned Kelly’s past events, due to all reasoning and evidence stated, it is quite clear that Ned Kelly was put through many crime scenes that he and his family were victimized in.

Essay writing Kenny Pau Hunting Snake

The poem ‘hunting snake’ written by Judith Wright highlights the idea that nature and man are equal. Through the use of language and imagery the poet portrays the snake as a powerful and majestic creature. This emphasizes the persona’s response to the snakes. She implies that we humans have narrow stereotypical views of the snake. This poem portrays how humans don’t always learn how to respect other creatures and only think of ourselves. Throughout the poem the personas view of the snake is mingled with admiration and amazement and fear. This was shown by the words “sun glazed”, “curved” and “diamond scale”. These words portray the beauty of the snake and how the persona was fascinated by the snake’s appearance. On the fourth line of the second stanza the words “lost breath” shows how the persona was hypnotise by the snake’s beauty. Furthermore Judith Wright also uses oxymoron such as “cold, dark, and splendid” to show the majestic and fearful nature of the snake.

The snake also shows a sense of determination as he pursues his prey displaying the beauty and power of the predators in nature. In stanza two he had his “head down” as he was perusing his prey. This highlights his sense of determination; this is further reinforced by the word “quested” describing the path it was taking to get to his prey. It was a mission for him although we as human saw it as a small and insignificant act. This makes us admire the snake in the way is dealing his problem, in order to survive. They are creatures that should be admire like any other animal and not treated differently. The poet also describes the snake as a dangerous creature that always focuses on surviving. The poem started off with a tranquil scene of an autumnal day. Through the adjective “sun-warmed” and “gentlest sky” an image of calmness is establish, also creating a peaceful tone. Sun warmed creates a sunny, calm perspective of the day. The tone changes in line three and four of the first stanza. Fear is shown in line three “We walked and froze half-through a pace.” The word “froze” has connotations of fear.

The tone of the poem shifts to a tense and stressful one in comparison of the previous tranquil atmosphere. Throughout the poem Judith Wright uses descriptive words such as “great” and “black” to portray the power of the snake. The adjective “great” describes the snake size and the word “black” symbolizes evil. The snake’s uses sinister movement such as “flickering” and “reeling”, its body shows his power as a predator but the snake didn’t even notice the humans. The snake was too busy dealing with his own needs and problems. In stanza three “what track he followed, what small food fled living from his fierce intent” shows he has power. It display how skilled he is at hunting and the other animals knows to stay out of his range. We need to appreciate the fact that he needs to survive, that’s why he needs to hunt. The poet implies that we should respect the snake and appreciate his characteristic rather than staying away from it as far as possible. Not only Judith and her companion are scared of the snake but even the animals are scared of the snake.

The adjective “fierce” describes his intent but it was only for his survival. Judith Wright and her companion were curious but also fearful. The word “still” shows that they were petrified by fear “Our eyes went with him” describes that the poet was scared and was hypnotise by dear but still they were curious. The structure of the poem portrays the persona’s perspective of the hunting snake. It has the traditional four stanza layout which shows how the persona is stereotypical and narrow minded. The poem had a simple rhyme scheme ABAB. The continuous slow pace in the poem shows balance nature. Furthermore the rhyme scheme in the final stanza follows the mood of the persona. The rhyme pattern changed to ABBA. This could be because of the sudden shock the poet had realizing what a dangerous experience she has just gone through. The poem start to rhyme towards the end shows that the poet is already starting to get her thought back in order illustrating the impact the snake had in her life.

The fact that she could maintain the rhyme to that point also demonstrate she was forcing herself to stay calm in the experience and it was only after the incident that she allowed herself to panic a little. The final stanza shows the feeling of the persona has changed. She shares a new perspective of nature. She respect and admire the snake yet she still fears it. Perhaps the persona and the companion never had this opportunity if being so close to the snake and to learn about it. Wright could be saying that we could be judging the snake wrongly. That it could not actually be a creature of evil. The persona powerfully changes from the experience she had just gone through.

She portrays the snake as a powerful and dangerous but also majestic and admirable. The poem “hunting snake” shows us that nature is equal to man. That snakes are like any other animal in the world. We need to admire them and not be prejudice and we shouldn’t stereotype it. Judith Wright has shown us that nature will only harm man if man harms nature. In the bible in the book of Genesis we are told that we are all equal. Therefore we human need to appreciate the snake rather than hate it and fear it as it is also a creature of God.