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    First Solar Turns Sunshine into Profits

    Case Summary: First Solar was founded in 1999 from the Walton family. According to the Marketing Sun Power, First Solar’s mission is “to create enduring value by enabling a world powered by clean, affordable solar electricity.” (p. 90) The company manufactures solar modules, which have razor-thin cadmium telluride. They are manufactured this way because it […] More

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    Little Miss Sunshine

    In the exposition the audience is first introduced to Richard on stage giving his ‘9 step’ speech. The directors use a low angle shot suggesting that he is a superior and authoritative character. Richards powerful voice booms through the room when he says the dialogue “there are two types of people in this world winners […] More

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    Little Miss Sunshine Family Assessment

    Introduction Family can be a source of support, comfort, optimism, love and happiness, but family can also be a cause of depression, betrayal, hurt and pain. Family is not always determined by the having the same DNA running through one’s veins but it is the bond that people can have with one another. Family can […] More