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    Simple Superstitions: Number “thirteen”

    One of the pseudoscientific claim for the Number “thirteenth” is that people think it is just a superstition when some people believe in it and some people don’t. Everyone has their own opinion and belief in particular things. The Number “thirteenth” is most likely known for its unlucky date, unlucky number, and its unlucky self. […] More

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    Superstitions Informative Speech Outline

    1. Introduction a. Attention getting material – see if a volunteer from the class is willing to put themselves in a superstitious situations, breaking a mirror, walking under a ladder, etc. b. Thesis statement – I will be talking about superstitions and why we are superstitious c. Preview subtopics – I will use the cause/effect […] More

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    Superstitions in Countries

    A superstition is a belief in something that is irrational, non-physical and does not follow the rules of science. It is often one action that leads to another without something directly linking the two. Superstition is often associated with luck. Different superstitions often came from beliefs, religions and cultures had in the past and long […] More