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    The Benefit of Code Switching

    Chapter 1 Introduction Code-switching, which may be defined as the alternation between two or more languages in a speaker’s speech, occurs naturally in the scheme of bilingualism. Studies have reported that code-switching often happened subconsciously; ‘people may not be aware that they have switched, or be able to report, following a conversation, which code they […] More

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    Switching WhitePaper

    Source MAC addresses are learned from incoming frames. A table of MAC addresses and their associated ports are built and maintained. Unknown unicast, broadcast and multicast frames are flooded to all ports (except the incoming port) Bridges and switches communicate with each other using spanning tree protocol to eliminate bridging loops. Layer 2 Switching A […] More

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    Circuit Switching and Packet Switching

    Circuit switching, although more reliable than packet-switching because it is able to get your message across without any hiccups, is old and expensive. Circuit switching is based on having a dedicated line or session between two stations and thus, you are able to get the full message across without congestion or interruptions. An example of […] More