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    A Taste of Lebanon

    Lebanon is likely one of the nations located on the eastern a part of the Mediterranean Sea in the Middle East. Its individuals thought-about the country because the place where the sun rises. The Lebanese individuals could be known as Levantines since it was decided that the eastern part of the Sea will be referred […] More

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    A Taste of My Life

    Food has at all times been an important a half of my life, as obviously it is necessary as a matter of life and demise, but additionally as it could make life so much extra gratifying. Food has always been a key a half of my life, however as a younger baby I was always […] More

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    “Does this Milkshake Taste Funny?”

    The major players in this case study are George Stein and Paul Burnham with regards to their employment at Eastern Dairy. The major issues at play relate to poor business planning, improper management, lack of ethics (decisions made by George and Paul) and social responsibility (the possible health issues of related to the contaminated products). […] More