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    Research Process and Terminology

    The purpose for this document is to speak of my description of the research process and these documents will also contain new vocabulary retrieved from this week’s readings. In fact, this document will speak of how this new vocabulary and information applies to a career in criminal justice. In addition, this document will speak of […] More

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    Classical School of Criminology: Definitions of some terminology

    Introduction The Classical School of Criminology emerged during the period of Enlightenment and was to become an important role player in the scientific study of Criminology. The Classical School of thought offered the first naturalistic explanation of crime and basic ideas about crime and a criminal justice system were developed. (Bezuidenhoud, 2013, p. 126) The […] More

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    Terminology Paper

    Research terminology is needed in the criminal justice field. A individual has to be able to understand the meanings of the words as well as knowing the concept of the meaning to be proficient in this field of work or career. If the terminology is misunderstood it may cause the case to have a negative […] More