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    12 Angry Men – Critical Thinkers

    In Twelve Angry Men, a younger man is on trial for stabbing and killing his father. The movie focuses on twelve randomly chosen residents who are assigned the duty of figuring out the fate of this 19 year old man. The jury is meant to look at certain facts and decide the reality based mostly […] More

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    Famous Creative Thinkers

    Column A: Steve Wozniak (computer engineer, Apple) (University of Phoenix, 2012) Steve Wozniak was born in San Jose, California in 1950 the son of an engineer. Wozniak developed a love for electronics in his early years. His grades never showed his intelligence, he was just good at building electronics from scratch. While attending the University […] More

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    Famous Creative Thinkers in the World

    It is said that there is greatness in everybody, and it only requires the right place and time to burst out and bless the world. This planet has been blessed to have amazing people walk among us, and they have revolutionized the way people perceived certain ideologies. Jesus Christ, Leonardo Da Vinci, Martin Luther King, […] More