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    Advantages and limitations of harmonizing International Financial Reporting Standards throughout the world

    The improvement in international commerce and capital flows that has occurred over the earlier twenty years has increased the need to harmonise accounting requirements across the globe. The enchantment of international accounting harmonization has been extensively discussed. Numerous academics Ali, J M (2005), Adhikari and Tondkar (1992), Saudagaran (1997) argue that adopting International Financial Reporing […] More

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    Benefits of having consistency throughout organisation

    There are many benefits of having consistency throughout any organisation, whether it is in the workplace or in customer interactions. Meeting demands consistently requires the attention of top leadership and it is becoming an increasingly important factor in various industries (Pulido, Stone and Strevel, 2014). This brief will highlight the advantages of having consistency throughout […] More

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    Gwen Harwood Relationships Throughout Poems

    Gwen Harwood’s poetry endures to engage readers through its poetic treatment of loss and consolation. Gwen Harwood’s seemingly ironic simultaneous examination of the personal and the universal is regarded as holding sufficient textual integrity that it has come to resonate with a broad audience and a number of critical perspectives. This is clearly evident within […] More