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    Analysis of Tipping and TV Entertainment Cases

    The Case against Tipping Pros Promoting companies locally or globally. Tipping helps staff with low hourly fee positions. Tipping is complimentary Personal good deed Cons Already added into gratuity Mandatory instead of Complimentary Expected instead of being thankful No choice People was polite, and thankful especially within the act of tipping where it is common […] More

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    The Case against Tipping

    Pros -Promoting businesses locally or globally. -Tipping helps employees with low hourly rate positions. -Tipping is complimentary -Personal good deed Cons -Already added into gratuity -Mandatory instead of Complimentary -Expected instead of being thankful -No choice People used to be polite, and thankful especially in the act of tipping where it is common place instead […] More

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    The Tipping Point: Rhetorical Analysis

    Throughout The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell explains to his reader his ideas about drastic changes in society, and how they seem to occur so rapidly. In this particular selection, Gladwell emphasizes the purpose of “connectors”, saying that they have a “special gift for bringing the world together (page 38)”. Gladwell states that part of the […] More