Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited

ITC Limited which previously stood for Imperial Tobacco Company of India Limited is an Indian conglomerate with a turnover of US $ 4.75 billion. It ranks third in pre-tax profit among India’s private sector corporations. The company has its registered office in Kolkata. The company is currently headed by Yogesh Chander Deveshwar. It employs over […]

The Tobacco Industry

The tobacco industry has been around longer than America has been a country. It is one the biggest industries in the entire world right now. However, according to the article on CQ researcher by Mary H Cooper, smoking has been declining. This started happening in the 1960’s when the surgeon general issued the first link […]

The Smoking of Tobacco

The smoking of tobacco became prevalent early in this century. The production of flue-cured tobacco, the development of cigarette rolling machines, and a public health concern over tuberculosis germs being spread through the cuspidors associated with snuff and chewing tobacco, all contributed to an increase in cigarette smoking. As smoking became more common, health problems […]

Eastern Tobacco Company

Introduction Why the Eastern Tobacco Company in Egypt is an example of monopolistic competition? Eastern Tobacco Company is known as the largest tobacco producer in Egypt. The company produces different products such as cigarettes, molasses tobacco, pipe tobacco and cigars (Oxford Business Group, 2008). Additionally, it produces other products that are related to cigarettes. These […]

CVS stops selling tobacco products

Reason, declared Kant, is the source and ultimate basis for morality. Morality wholly rests in pure, innate reason and not in intuition, conscience, law, or utility. The standard of morality, therefore, is inherent in the human mind; it is definable only in terms of the mind; and it is derived from one’s innerself by direct […]

Deceptive Advertisement in Tobacco Industry

Deceptive Advertisement in Tobacco Industry Introduction        Managerial decisions form an important element in business success. Griseri & Seppala, (2010,p.45) note that the primary function of a business should not only be geared towards profit making but also strive to check the social implication of the business activities The process of decision making […]

Ethics and CSR in British American Tobacco

Ethics and CSR in British American Tobacco Introduction             Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) encourages the view that “company should endeavor to build a profit, abide by the law, and be a good corporate citizen, be ethical”.  Tobacco firm, yet, are not like other group. Tobacco is simply the consumer product that murder one half of […]

Impact of Government Restriction on Tobacco Smoking

Introduction               Tobacco smoking is known to be a major health problem among many since the product is known to have up to 60 carcinogens among them nicotine and carbon monoxide (Owing, 2005). Currently the smoking prevalence in the European region is estimated to be about 28.6% with the […]