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    Aspects of Scientific Language Translation

    The translator In the context of translation research, it’s assumed that to do a passable translation, the translator have to be aware not solely of the texts in hand, but also the bodily world and the culture during which the texts are formed initially. This implies that the translator must be acquainted with the on […] More

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    Found in Translation

    Closing Case: Found in Translation: How to Make the Multicultural Workforce Work 1 What role does the basic communication process in Figure 11.1 play in this case? Explain. The basic communication process is vital from the Figure 11.1 in this case. The definition of communication is “the interpersonal transfer of information and understand” as stated […] More

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    English translation, Part 1/prologue of Lazarillo de Tormes

    I think it is good that such remarkable things as these, which may never have been heard of or seen before, should come to the attention of many people instead of being buried away in the tomb of oblivion. Because it might turn out that someone who reads about them will like what he reads, […] More