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    Accommodation in Barcelona While Traveling

    It is alleged that Europe is one thing that everybody should see before he/she dies. Europe as an entire has many stunning nations and cities one such stunning city is Barcelona which is the capital city of Catalonia and happens to be the second largest metropolis of Spain after Madrid. There are some attention-grabbing information […] More

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    Traveling is more important than reading books

    Traveling is more important than reading books to understand people and the world. A book about another country tells you about things such as the country’s history, its people and its culture in a very general way. When meeting foreigners, I found that books can’t be trusted totally. For example, when I was visiting Wisconsin […] More

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    The Importance of Traveling

    Who would not like to travel around the world? “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” is a famous phrase by Saint Augustine. Almost everyone will enjoy traveling to different countries, experiencing different cultures, and trying different foods. Traveling is one of the most fun activities that […] More