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    Analysis of “The Trouble With Fries”

    Malcolm Gladwell’s article “The Trouble with Fries” is about a very invasive subject. Fast Food is killing us. Can or not it’s fixed? Although his thesis assertion isn’t precisely clear, he effectively uses evidence to convince his audience that a vitamin movement is needed especially for quick meals. By discussing many components with supporting proof […] More

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    Deep Water in Deep Trouble

    What type(s) of control- feedforward, concurrent, or feedback- do you think would have been most useful in this situation? Explain your choice(s) Feedforward control would have been a good start in this situation. It would have been wise to check all of the gages on the ship before heading out onto the water. After checking […] More

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    Do curfews keep teens out of trouble

    Should people take more responsibility for solving problems that affect their communities or the nation in general? I feel like people should take responsibility for solving problems in their community because you could make a difference in your community and help someone in your little community. Like if you do it nationwide, you probably could […] More