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    Analysis for “Two truths are informed… however what just isn’t” speech

    Macbeth’s speech (Act 1, scene 3, strains 128-142) is essential to the play’s plot. This is because of three causes. Firstly, the primary fact is informed from the witches’ prophecies. Secondly, this extract shows Macbeth’s reaction to the first prophecy coming true in his ideas. Lastly, his speech shows the beginning of Macbeth’s vaulting ambition. […] More

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    Examine the Framework of the Four Noble Truths

    The Four Noble Truths are much like a doctor’s prescription; they are Buddha’s prescription for suffering. In the first two truths he diagnoses the problem of suffering, and identifies its cause. The third truth is the discovery of a cure, and the fourth noble truth is the prescription as the Buddha sets out the Eightfold […] More