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    Artificial Intelligence: Turning Democracy into Dictatorship

    First of all, getting some insights of what is AI and a variety of the historical past related to it. So, the historical past of AI is somewhat short and displays that the sector of AI has progressed properly in about final sixty years. From the primary pc that makes some calculations to some machines […] More

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    A Turning Point

    Not everyone is born educated. Instead, there are life occurrences that guide us on how to be wise. There are many circumstances in our lives where we encounter a sure detour or a shocking moment in our lives which develops us into who we are right now. A turning level, an odd action word outlined […] More

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    Turning Points of World War I

    World War I was one of the most devastating wars of all time. It took place in Southeastern Europe around the year of 1914. Some may think “What lead up to the war? What were the causes?” Even though there are several different causes of WWII the main three are militarism, imperialism and, alliances. Before […] More