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    An Analysis of William Blake”s Poem The Tyger

    In the first stanza we can observe that the word “tiger” is written with a “y” as an alternative of an “I”, this is to provide the word an inclination in course of Ancient Greece. This is closely adopted by the alliteration “(…) burning shiny (…)” .This alliteration is used by the author to emphasize […] More

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    Allusion to Greek Mythology in Blake”s The Tyger

    William Blake wrote The Tyger as a counterpart to The Lamb. In its easiest interpretation, it may seem that The Tyger represents the unhealthy in mankind, and The Lamb represents the good. The speaker asks the tiger, “What immortal hand or eye, could body thy fearful symmetry?” (4) The Tyger is majestic, but additionally dangerous […] More