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    An Unexpected Journey

    An sudden journey became a fairy tale story. Two unknown people met unexpectedly in a department store, they were both looking for the identical factor and met one another, the place the thing was positioned. Stick started the conversation with Cloud, by introducing himself to her. Their conversation leads them to go and get a […] More

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    A Time When Something Unexpected Happened

    I would hate to be well-known. When you’re well-known, you don’t have any privateness. Also, there’s too much criticism. Lastly, it could possibly harm my security. Being well-known isn’t all that nice, like you assume it’s. Many people who find themselves well-known have many issues and typically wish that they weren’t famous at all. I […] More

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    The unexpected is essential to the craft of storytelling

    Compare how the authors of the comparative texts you have studied used the unexpected in their texts. You may confine your answer to key moments in the texts. The two comparative texts I have studied in which I will examine their main unexpected key moments and their effects on the reader are ‘Wuthering Heights’ by […] More