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    The American Association of Variable Star Observers

    A star which falls on this strip will turn out to be a pulsating variable star. Matthew Templeton, from the American Association of Variable Star Observers, said that “In all different stars, the vitality that’s created is dissipated and the pulsations die away. ” [26] This implies that for stars that don’t fall in this […] More

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    Absorption vs. Variable Costing

    This case study will look at Jokkmok Industries and one of its managers, Mr. Rosen, who is bucking for a promotion to CEO. His division uses absorption costing and has the ability to produce 50,000 units a quarter with a fixed overhead amount of $600,000. While the sales forecast shows that the company will only […] More

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    Two Variable Inequality

    This week we are learning about two-variable inequalities as they pertain to algebraic expressions. The inequality can be graphed to show the values included in and excluded from a given range of numbers. Solving for inequalities such as these is a critical skill in many trades which can save or cost a company a lot […] More