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    Statistics: Analysis of Variance

    How would you clarify the analysis of variance, assuming that your audience has not had a statistics class before? When one does a research of information, typically this suggests an analysis of the “mean” or average of that information. .i.e. What is the common time it takes a fifth grader to complete his last math […] More

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    One Way Analysis of Variance

    One-way Analysis of Variance (Abbreviated one-way ANOVA) is a technique used to compare means of two or more samples (using the F distribution). This technique can be used only for numerical data. It consists of a single factor with several levels and multiple observations at each level. With this kind of layout we can calculate […] More

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    New Look Jackets Inc. : Variance Analysis

    Introduction New Look Jackets Inc. (NLJ) is a well-established manufacturing company that makes leather and nylon jackets. The company has many long standing customers due to their excellent service and quality of products. In 2012, they had some difficulty with quality and filling orders on time due to the increase of demand to the leather […] More