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    AbstractMachine studying is a branch of synthetic intelligence that employs a variety

    Abstract:Machine studying is a branch of artificial intelligence that employs a big selection of statistical,probabilistic and optimization methods that enables computer systems to study from previous examplesand to detect hard-to-discern patterns from giant, noisy or advanced knowledge units. This functionality isparticularly well-suited for medical functions, especially those that depend on complexproteomic and genomic measurements. As […] More

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    Age Cannot Wither Her, nor Custom Stale Her Infinite Variety

    Nor Custom Stale Her Infinite Variety In the production notes of Emily of Emerald Hill by Stella Kon, the writer uses a Shakespearean quote to describe Emily, “Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale her infinite variety”. This quote is actually from William Shakespeare’s Anthony and Cleopatra, Act II scene ii, used to describe Cleopatra’s […] More