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    Arguments for and in opposition to vegetarianism

    What are the arguments for and against vegetarianism? Seeing animals working round full of cuteness can deliver a smile to anybody’s face. But figuring out the reality that most of them shall be taken away and butchered creates numerous arguments as a end result of some people would simply put this down as cruelty were […] More

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    My Essay on Vegetarianism

    The concept of vegetarianism may be defined as the practice of abstaining from flesh consumption. This practice can be adopted for different intentions. Many reject on eating meat out of respect for lives with the ability to feel and perceive. These ethical motivations can be related to religious beliefs, along with the concept of animal […] More

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    Our daily life routines mainly revolve around food and what are we going to eat. We wake up thinking about breakfast, lunch is a must, either at work or with friends, and of course dinner; the one thing we do not forget. Food and diets consume a lot of our thoughts. People nowadays are more […] More