Ethical and Socially Responsive Business

As the CEO of the Cheesecake Factory Incorporated based in Philadelphia, I would like to touch base on our code of conduct which outlines many different key areas for employees and employers. However, I wanted to stress some particularly significant points to discuss and review, with all members of Cheesecake Factory Incorporated. First off, I would like to touch on part B of section 2 under YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES – ‘Compliance with Laws’, particularly, our laws relating to sexual harassment, drug and alcohol abuse, diversity and nondiscrimination. Recently I was made aware of an incident involving an employee related to discrimination. Every employee of the Cheesecake Factory Incorporated, whether it be in our restaurants, Corporate Center, Bakery Production Facility and any other company facility, has the right to come to work every day and be treated fairly, and with respect. Our company will not tolerate any form of discrimination to any employee. An employee which is involved in the ‘harassment’ of another employee will be instantly terminated.

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To help abide by the rules, regulations, and laws of The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated, my suggestion to all employees is to re-read the most up to date Code of Conduct and Guidelines about our business and re-familiarize yourselves with the significant aspects that outline our day to day activities. Next I am touching base on part H of section 2 under YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES which is ‘Posting Messages Regarding the Company on Internet Message Boards or Chat Rooms. It has come to my attention that employees are currently posting their comments and concerns regarding the company on Facebook and Twitter either from the company’s resources, or on their own time. Quoting this section on social media, “…personal opinions regarding the Company, should be wary of the danger that such opinions may imply inappropriate access to and dissemination of confidential, sensitive or proprietary information. Opinions concerning the Company that are expressed should clearly indicate that they do not reflect the opinion of the Company, its officers or management.” I understand social media is becoming a dominant force in advertising and expressing opinions, however you must be careful that your opinions do not help in destroying the company’s well known reputation.

If you have a concern about the daily activities in your job, the best thing to do is approach management with your concerns and opinions in substitute of posting them on the internet. Our company values its employees and we encourage everyone’s opinions and suggestions because we are always looking for ways to make this company better. We would like our employees to have a trusting and open communication with management and feel that they can approach management with any type of concern. On a brighter note, I would like to take this opportunity to mention some of our charities which our company has added. We are holding a charity dinner and fundraiser in the upcoming weeks. Tickets will be sold soon and all employees and family are welcome. This dinner’s proceedings will be donated to the Children’s Hospitals of Philadelphia. As you all are aware, our company hosts many charitable events and are involved in the community and we always do our part to be socially responsible. Your donations will be much appreciated and you will learn more on this event as it becomes near.

Also, in addition to our long list of charitable events, our activity committee is adding a special for senior citizens on a weekly basis where we will offer seniors a 20% discount on their lunch or dinner bill. Lastly, in accordance with our successful growth in revenue, we will donate on a quarterly basis, free lunch meals to our local hospital in the city of Philadelphia. Lastly this company could not be what it is, without its employees. You all are the foundation of this company and you all are great people. I would like to continue to have people in this company who have the desire to learn and grow. Have the trust in your management to support your opinions, treat your co-workers with respect and decency, and stay involved in the company activities and help our reputation become stronger and better.

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