Excersise speech

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26 February 2016

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Informative / PowerPoint Speech Formal Outline

TITLE: Exercise
GENERAL PURPOSE: To inform my audience about exercise.
SPECIFIC PURPOSE: To inform my audience about types of exercise, Benefits And long lasting effects.
Exercise has many heath benefit and can affect your life in the most positive of ways.

I. Types of exercise

II. Benefits of exercise

III. Long lasting effects of exercise

Do you get 30 minutes of exercise daily? Less than 5% of adults do. Being informed about the types of exercise, benefits of exercise and long lasting effects of exercise could improve the statistic drastically.

I. Types of exercise
A. Cardio
1. Work out that raises the heartbeat.
2. Ex: jumping jacks, running, dancing, and pretty much anything that gets you heart beat going. 3. Some of the cardio I like to do is running, and basketball.

B. Weight lifting
1. Work out to tone and build muscles.
2. Ex: Bench pressing, dumbbell exercises, dead lifts, squats with weights. 3. There is a great Importance of lifting correctly. You should always have a large amount of knowledge about the lift you are going to do, to avoid injuries. For example when doing a squats with weights you should have you feet shoulder with apart and when you squat down you should keep a straight back and bend your knees to a 90 degree angle lifting back up with your legs. 4. My favorite part of weight lifting is being toned, some like to lift to gain big muscles, and some do it to keep their muscles toned and healthy.

C. Aerobics

1. Vigorous exercises, swimming, and walking.
2. Aerobics are typically for people that have issues with high impact exercise.

4. Aerobics are a good beginning exercise to develop the body to be able to do more strenuous exercises.

5. When you are doing daily things such as walking, sweeping, or going up stairs it is a great opportunity for exercise. You can walk swiftly, sweep while moving you abs from left to right, and going up stairs at a faster pace. There are many ways to include exercise in your daily activities.

II. Benefits of exercise
A. Benefits of exercise
1. Exercise combats health conditions and diseases
2. Exercise improves mood
3. Exercise boosts energy
4. Exercise controls weight

B. Improving mood
1. Exercise improves your mood because it stimulates various brain chemicals or endorphins that may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed

2. You may also feel better about yourself because with exercise you will look healthier and that may boost you self-esteem.

D. Controls weight
1. Getting the recommended 30 minutes of exercise daily or even 2-3 times a week can help keep you body healthy inside and out. 2. For people looking to lose a large amounts of weight it is a good idea to consult a doctor about an exercise plan that would work for them.

III. Long lasting effects of exercise
A. Exercise has great benefits for your heart for later in your life. 1. It helps heart health because when you exercise it strengthens your heart by ejecting more blood per beat, even at rest, and that causes less stress on your heart. 2. Less chance of heart disease

3. Less chance of heart attack

B. when you exercise your body uses more energy making your metabolism work faster and more efficiently. 1. And Higher metabolism leads to Healthier weight

C. Exercise can help people have longer lives.
1. Exercise leads to a longer life because when your heart is healthy, your metabolism is working efficiently and you have a healthy weight your body will be under less stress. 2. People who worked out 3 times a week in a Mayo Clinic study had fewer wrinkles, healthy heart, less stress, and had a healthier weight than those who did not workout.

I. 2013 statistics show that only 5% of adults get 30 or more minutes of daily exercise; And, as have already stated, there are many easy ways to exercise. There are many benefits from exercising and long lasting effects from exercise. If people are properly informed about exercise then there should be an increase in the percentage of adults that exercise in today’s society.



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