Explain how you can promote inclusion

I teach on a one to one basis but if i was working in a classroom environment I would promote inclusion in the classroom by using various methods. These include Partnering different abilities of learners so they can learn from each other and all have a chance to get to know each other/work with each other.

Asking different members of the classroom to give their opinions so all have the opportunity to contribute.

Forming groups and varying the learners chosen to form these groups.

Asking learners to be respectful of each others opinions and respecting when another member of the class or the teacher are speaking and not interrupting

Encouraging open discussion and incorporating everyone into the discussions.

Whether I am teaching in a group environment or one to one I would promote inclusion by using language that doesn’t discriminate, resources that reflects diversity and ensuring that I always remember that all students are different and I need to adapt to meet the need of each learner. It is also important to give the students the opportunity to give feedback on my teaching methods and content, thereby making them feel empowered within their learning environment. All learners will bring different skills and experiences with them to enhance the learning environment. Completing an individual learning plan for all learners makes it possible to adjust the course content to suit the individual learner. Implementing equality and diversity in the learning environment creates a happy and rewarding learning experience where learners will complete their learning with the confidence and qualifications to proceed further into life, work or education. Where required, a referral for internal or external help and support may be necessary.

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