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19 February 2016

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When Anatole France wrote “to know is nothing at all; to imagine is everything,” he means imagination is very important to life and success. For example, Dr. Seuss had a wild imagination and he was very successful. Also, imagination led to many successful inventions. A world without imagination is like a world with nothing but old businessmen in work suits; very boring.

To begin, Dr. Seuss had a wildly active imagination. He wrote everything from “Green Eggs and Ham,” to “Horton Hears a Who,” and “The Lorax.” Similarly, all these stories have made up characters, animals, and even words. The way he wrote these stories inspired numerous kids to have active imaginations. Also, he has inspired more than just kids, even the directors of the drama club at Jackson Memorial High School were inspired by him. Hence, last year the high school did one giant play that combined most of his stories, and made it into a musical. All in all, Dr. Seuss’ imagination led to his extremely successful career.

In addition, every invention, successful or failure needs imagination. For example, the Wright brothers had to have some imagination to be able to build the first airplane. Although the first few attempts weren’t successful they never gave up. If it wasn’t for them, there would be no such things as airplanes and we would have to travel to far places by boat or car. Another famous inventor was Steve Jobs. He invented and co-founded Apple computers. Although his first computers were completely terrible, he never gave up. Now, Apple is one of the best companies in the stock market and they just keep inventing new products. If Jobs never imagined about a completely new computer, there would be no such thing as an Iphone or Mac computers. In short, it is impossible not to have imagination when it comes to inventing something.

To summarize, imagination is crucial to life and success. For example, Dr. Seuss was a very successful author for his imaginary worlds and characters. In addition, many inventors had very active imaginations, like the Wright brothers and Steve Jobs. If it wasn’t for them, our lives would be more difficult than it already is. In conclusion, the world without imagination is just simply boring.

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