Family as Social Institution

Each Society has some basic needs which has to be satisfied for better day to day life. Social institutions are a medium like as social moulds which are established for carring out basic functions and help to established collective image of behavior. This institutions come in to existence for satisfying needs of an individual. Even though every institution carries out certain specific function, It is not entirely independent. There is interdependants in every social institution. Every institution has to use various resourses for its fulfillment. For eg, Chalk and black board for educational institutions; temple, masjid and church for religious institutions. These institutions have social acceptions for eg , Marriage institutions, religious institutaions, economic institutions and family institutions etc. Family Institution:

Family is social institution of society. Some social thinkers called family as a primary group. A person is related to a family right from his birth up to his death a family participate in the joys and sorrow of a person. Family plays an important role in personality development of a child. Family institution is present in all human communities. Person in family have blood relation. In the family there are sexual relation in men and women. This are common relations and they are stable because of they are established by institution .all members of this instituton participate in a financial process and responsibility. There is only one resident for all the members of the family. This institution is small in size .when the children grow they get married and they form own independent family.

Therefore, the size of the family is small. The concept of the family is observed in all human group. Family institution plays a very important role in giving stability to society. As family is a primary social institution of a society, existence of every social institution is depends on the functions carried out by that social institution. Family is no exception to this concept. According to Augbern and Nimcoff , satisfaction of sexual needs and child bearing are important functions of family. As the opinion of many social scientist main reason for the existence of the family institution is longer period of child dependence.

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